VOSBldIMG Building the ImageMagick plugin for the Virtuoso Server Building the ImageMagick plugin for the Virtuoso Server Prerequisites The ImageMagick plugin cannot be built without the ImageMagick library. If your Virtuoso build host does not have ImageMagick installed, and the host OS doesn't have a pre-built ImageMagick package you can install, you'll have to build the ImageMagick library yourself. Download the ImageMagick source tarball from <http://www.imagemagick.org/>. Unpack the tarball and run configure. We recommend the options shown below. (Note -- these several lines comprise a single OS command, and "[DIR]" should be replaced as appropriate for your environment.): $ ./configure --without-magick-plus-plus --without-perl --without-bzlib --without-dps --without-fpx --without-gvc --without-jbig --without-jp2 --without-lcms --without-wmf --without-xml --without-zlib --without-x --without-ttf --prefix=[DIR] Run make to build imagemagick, and make install to install it on your system. Building the plugin To build the ImageMagick plugin along with the Virtuoso server binary, specify -- --enable-imagemagic=[DIR] -- when you configure the Virtuoso build, replacing "[DIR]" with the full path to the directory where the ImageMagick library is installed. CategoryVirtuoso CategoryOpenSource