Virtuoso SQL Database


This is the Virtuoso database nexus page, linking all database-management-related material on this site.

Virtuoso Database FAQ

SQL and Procedure Language

SQL 99 and SQL 200n features, Objects and Inheritance, Procedures, Triggers, Constraints, Role-Based and Row-Level Security.

Database Engine

Row-Level Locking, Hot Backup, Parallel I/O

Java and .net in SQL

Server-side extension in Java and any .NET-bound language with either Windows .NET or Mono.

XML Storage and Processing

Native XML data type, optimized storage and indexing, generating XML on the fly, transforming with XSLT and XQuery.

Full Text Indexing

Flexxible full text-search and alert mechanism.

Client Interfaces

All the major data access APIs: ODBC, JDBC, OLE/DB,

Tools and Utilities

Web-Based Administration Interface, Tutorials, command-line tools, Test Suites and Benchmark Programs.

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