VOSNews Virtuoso Open Source Edition NewsVirtuoso Open Source Edition News 2018 News Announcements 2018-08-15 - Virtuoso Released, Open Source Edition New and updated product features as of August 15, 2018, v7.2.5.1, include: Virtuoso Engine Added support for application/n-triples mime type Added support for modifying size of SQL compiler cache Added better version checking for OpenSSL to configure Added support for timeout on socket connect Added new debug code to audit SPARQL/SQL errors Added new code for MALLOC_DEBUG Added support for LDAPS Added support for TLSext Server Name Indication to http_client Remove TLSv1 protocol from default protocol list Fixed initial DB.DBA.RDF_DEFAULT_USER_PERMS_SET for user 'nobody' so /sparql endpoint can query all graphs without any performance penalty Fixed scheduler errors should be emailed every time the event fails Fixed issue replaying table rename due to dereference of NULL result Fixed issue returning correct user after TLS login Fixed issues with HTTP PATCH command changing resource permissions Fixed check for infinite loop in SQL compiler Fixed XMLA service to select TIMESTAMP, XML_ENTITY, IRI_ID columns Fixed issue with shcompo cache size Fixed memory leaks Fixed portability issues and compiler warnings Fixed issues building Windows binaries using VS2017 SPARQL Added new option 'Explain' to /sparql endpoint Added new help page for RDF views to /sparql endpoint Fixed initial fill of language and datatype caches after server restart Fixed SPARQL DELETE for quads which failed on booleans and other inlined RDF boxes Fixed SPARQL 1.1 SUBSTR() Fixed issues with PATCH not returning an error after a SPARQL error Fixed SPARQL_CONSTRUCT_ACC could get fixed-value variables referred to in 'stats' argument Fixed Turtle 1.1 permits multiple semicolons without predicate-object pairs between them Fixed handling for timezone date values from SPARQL queries Fixed readability and indentation of EXPLAIN output Fixed issue encoding urls in SPARQL/FED Fixed st_contains and other geo predicates Fixed issue with cast numeric to bool Fixed issues with Turtle and JSON;LD_CTX Jena & Sesame Added method to Sesame provider to query across all RDF graphs in Quad Store Added setIsolationLevel/getIsolationLevel to VirtDataset Update using of DB proc rdf_insert_triple_c() Fixed baseURI parameter not handled properly by RDF4J provider Fixed issue with Jena object values that are URLs Fixed providers Jena/RDF4J setNamespaces/getNamespaces in global cache instead of connection cache Fixed xsd:boolean literals returned as xsd:string literals Fixed VirtDataset class for properly handle transaction JDBC Driver Added support for concurrency mode CONCUR_VALUES Added support for SSL truststore Fixed binding/conversion of Unicode characters Fixed handling of SPARQL negative dates Fixed Sql Workbench/J CSV file import in Virtuoso fails on empty numeric fields Fixed exception handling ADO.NET Fixed support for SPARQL Negative Dates, Concurrency modes, Connection option "Log_enable" Fixed compilation warnings and errors on Mono and .NET versions on Windows Fixed error in CompareTo() methods Fixed issue ADO.NET for DateTime types and TZ Faceted Browser Fixed incorrect UTF-8 character IRI handling in Namespaces Conductor Added option to delete locked files by admin users Added support for JSON and JSON-LD in rewrite rules for SPARQL query output Added support for importing PEM and DER formats Updated Conductor UI to support new redirection options Moved 'OAuth Service Binding' to 'Web Services' Optimized handling of vspx session expiration Fixed issue creating new user accounts with conductor using user with dba and administrator roles Fixed a missing CA chain does not mean .p12 file is bad Fixed issue with 'Next' time in Scheduler Fixed selection of category in the database browser page Fixed rewrite rule export format Fixed CSV importer Fixed crawler functions to work with HTTPS sources Fixed issues with Rewrite Rule export function Fixed issues in R2RML DAV Added item creator as a field in the properties when not empty Added overwrite flag for DynaRes creation Optimized calls to some APIs using user/password properties Fixed issues related to the LITMUS testsuite for DAV Fixed issues with Mac OS X WebDAV mapping Fixed issues with WebDAV browser and folder selection Fixed issue deleting Smart folders Fixed issue with permissions for PUT command Fixed bug with PROPFIND and bad XML (without correct namespace) as body Fixed issue with DAV authentication Fixed issues with set/update LDP related data Fixed response code to 204 for PATCH command Fixed return 406 if no matching Accept header found Fixed issue retrieving user's profile data with RDFData DET DBpedia Added LODmilla browser Download Open Source or Commercial now! 2016 News Announcements 2016-04-24 - Virtuoso 7.2.4 Released, Open Source and Commercial Editions New and updated product features as of April 25, 2016, v7.2.4, include: Virtuoso Engine Added "obvious" index choice Added new bif http_redirect_from for getting initial path from internal redirect Fixed ODBC issue with SQL_C_LONG bound to an int32 instead of an int64/long Fixed hang as page was not left if geo_pred signal an error Fixed check if geo_pred gets right arguments to prevent crash Fixed portability issue on Windows Fixed issue with cost based optimizer for isiri_id Fixed no change from chash to pageable if enable_chash_gb = 2 Disabled AIO for this release of Virtuoso SPARQL Added missing default privilege grants to SPARQL_UPDATE role account Added optimizations covering property paths with complementary and/or repeating paths Added min/max for IRI ID Added new HTML output option to DESCRIBE and CONSTRUCT queries that uses <script>...</script> to include RDF-based Structured Data Islands Added support for CVS in RFC4180 format Added support for skipping UTF-8 BOM marks on Turtle and JSON lexers Added support for service invocation of bigdata running in triples and introducing language exceptions Added new debug option to /sparql page Fixed issue with ':' in blank node labels Fixed NQuads do not permit %NN in blank node labels Fixed issues with property paths like <p>|!<p> Fixed issue when SERVICE clause does not return real vars, only ?stubvarXX Fixed issue with unused default graph Fixed issue with SPARQL SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT *) { ... } Fixed SPARQL-BI syntax for HAVING Fixed issue with duplicate triples in microdata Fixed handling of strings containing serialized XML Fixed issue with boolean in SPARQL/XML results Jena & Sesame Added Sesame 4 provider Added Jena 3 provider Added support for Sesame 2.8.x Added Jena example for use of Inference and Ontology Model with Jena provider Fixed Node2Str for Literals for more properly handle Literals with Lang Fixed issue with openrdf-workbench application Fixed Testsuites Fixed Sesame 2 test connection string Fixed PreparedStatement with parameter bindings for SPARQL queries with parameters instead of substituting parameter values in query Updated testsuites JDBC Driver Added support for building JDK 1.8 and JDBC 4.2 Added support for Connection.setCatalog() Fixed conversion of broken Unicode strings Fixed variable initialization Fixed VirtuosoDataSource methods setLog_Enable() and getLog_Enable() to properly work with Spring framework Fixed JDBC driver to remove finalizers Faceted Browser Added link-out icons Added more link-out relations Fixed content negotiation Fixed default output is XML Fixed facet search service Fixed issue with CSS Fixed labels Fixed missing alias in facet service Fixed missing grant Fixed og:image added to list Fixed possible change of displayed resources post-sponge Fixed prefixes Fixed space encoding in IRI Fixed splitting UTF-8 strings can produce bad encoded strings Fixed support for images Fixed svc search to keep address Conductor Added validation for sequence number value Added start and expiration dates of CA Added new option to disable scheduled job Synced Conductor WebDAV implementation with briefcase Fixed set specific sponger pragmas on text/html Fixed checkpoint after RDF view generation Fixed use of transactional mode Fixed issue with LDAP server Fixed labels DAV Small optimization for update triggers of WS.WS.SYS_DAV_RES Fixed set specific sponger pragmas on text/html Fixed issue uploading Turtle files containing special symbols DBpedia Implemented new fluid skin design for DBpedia /page based on the Bootstrap Framework Updated DBpedia VAD for UTF-8 based URIs for International Chapters Updated prefixes Added references to license Fixed show language with label, abstract, comment Fixed the http://mementoarchive.lanl.gov link Download Open Source or Commercial now! 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