VirtFCTFeatureQueriesVirtuoso Facet Browser Featured QueriesVirtuoso Facet Browser Featured Queries The Virtuoso Facet Browser UI allows users to save Faceted View and iSPARQL queries as "Featured" queries for future reference. This requires the installation of the Virtuoso Facet Browser and iSPARQL VAD packages. Usage If not already done, install the Facet Browser VAD application. Load the Virtuoso Facted Browser UI http://cname:port/fct
Click on the Feature link in the top right of the page to load the Featured Queries page
There are two form of queries that can be saved as detailed below.
Faceted Views This allows the saving of the results from faceted searches in the Browser, to save such results: Search for some sample text, ski resorts for example.
Select the save link in the right frame of the results page
Provide a Title and Description for the results page to be saved as
Once saved click the continue button to save to a table called fct stored_qry
This table then needs to be queried to determine the fsq_id of the item added and its fsq_featured value set to 1 for it to be visible as a Featured query. SQL> select * from fct_stored_qry; fsq_id fsq_created fsq_title fsq_expln fsq_state fsq_featured INTEGER NOT NULL BINARY VARCHAR VARCHAR LONG NVARCHAR INTEGER _______________________________________________________________________________ 1 2011-05-05 10:59:24.000001 Ski Resorts Ski Resort Search Results <query inference="" same-as="" view3="" s-term="" c-term=""><text>Ski resorts</text><view type="text-d" limit="20" offset="" /></query> NULL 1 Rows. -- 7 msec. SQL> update fct_stored_qry set fsq_featured=1 where fsq_id=1; Done. -- 3 msec. SQL> The saved Facet View query is now visible in the Featured Queries page.
SPARQL Queries Queries from the Virtuoso Interactive SPARQL Query Builder (iSPARQL) application can be saved in the Facet Browser Feature Queries page and re-executed either from iSPARQL or the SPARQL endpoint, as follows: If not already done, install the iSPARQL VAD application from the System Admin -> Packages" tab of the Conductor. Run iSPARQL application from the URL http://cname:port/isparql , login as the dav user and from the Advanced tab enter a SPARQL query of the form select * where {?s ?p ?o . ?o bif:contains '(SKI AND RESORTS)'}.
In the Query Metadata drop down frame of Advanced tab for the query, enter a Title, Description and Creator for the query to be saved.
Click on the Save icon button and navigate to the /DAV/home/dav/sparql_demo_queries/ folder and save the query to filename with a .isqarql extension. Note, if the /DAV/home/dav/sparql_demo_queries/ folder does not already exist, manually create if using the Web Application Server -> Content Management tab of the Conductor.
Navigate to the Feature query link of the Facet Browser where the saved iSPARQL query is now visble.
Click on the ...iSPARQL Query link to execute the query in iSPARQL.
Click on the Run in SPARQL endpoint link to execute the query in iSPARQL.
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