VirtLinkedDataPresCollection Collection of Virtuoso-related Linked (Open) Data Presentations Collection of Virtuoso-related Linked (Open) Data Presentations Basics of Linked (Open) Data Cloud Access via ODBC Accessing the Linked (Open) Data Cloud via ODBC Configuring ODBC Connections to the Linked (Open) Data Cloud ... on Mac OS X ... on Windows Using Third-party Applications as Linked (Open) Data Clients via Virtuoso's ODBC Driver Microsoft Access - Variant I Microsoft Access - Variant II SAP Crystal Reports Tibco SpotFire Tableau Desktop BI FileMaker Pro Linked (Open) Data Models Demystifying Linked Data through the Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) Data model Related Generating Transient and/or Persistent Linked Data Views atop ODBC- or JDBC-accessible Relational Data Sources "Generate RDB2RDF triggers" and "Enable Data Syncs with Physical Quad Store" Linked Data Views options Importing Linked Data using the Briefcase "Create" feature Reification alternatives for Linked Data publishing Virtuoso Linked Data Deployment In 3 Simple Steps Exposing Linked Data View URIs associated with "References" on a given Table