VirtSparqlCxmlGlossary Pivot Collections (Part 9)Pivot Collections (Part 9) Contents Part 1: Introduction Part 2: SparqlCxml Part 3: SparqlCxml Deep Zoom Collections Part 4: PivotViewer Part 5: Importing CXML Part 6: Facet Pivot Bridge Part 7: DETs : Persisting SPARQL Query Results to DAV Part 8: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Part 9: Glossary Glossary Glossary ABox The terms ABox and TBox describe the two types of statement which make up a knowledge base. TBox statements belong to the "terminological box", ABox statements to the "assertional box". Both terms originate from Description Logic which provides a logical formalism underpinning ontologies and the Semantic Web. TBox statements describe the vocabulary (classes and properties) used by the knowledge base. ABox statements make assertions about instances of those classes, i.e about instance data. In the context of PivotViewer, ABox images are custom images which are specific to a particular collection item, that is they typically depict that particular item. TBox images are generic icons representing a particular class of item. TBox See ABox