VirtSpongerLinkedDataHooksIntoSPARQLEx11 Example with INPUT Pragma grab-seealsoExample with INPUT Pragma grab-seealso The following example demonstrates usage of the grab-seealso pragma: DEFINE input:grab-iri <> DEFINE input:grab-var "id" DEFINE input:grab-depth 10 DEFINE input:grab-limit 100 DEFINE input:grab-base "" DEFINE input:grab-seealso <foaf:maker> PREFIX foaf: <> SELECT ?id WHERE { graph ?g { ?id a foaf:Person . } } LIMIT 10 View the SPARQL Query Definition via SPARQL Protocol URL View the SPARQL Query Results via SPARQL Protocol URL Sponger Usage Examples SPARQL Processor Usage Example RDF Proxy Service Example Browsing & Exploring RDF View Example Using ODE Browsing & Exploring RDF View Example Using iSPARQL Basic Sponger Cartridge Example HTTP Example for Extracting Metadata using CURL RESTFul Interaction Examples Flickr Cartridge Example MusicBrainz Metadatabase Example SPARQL Tutorial -- Magic of SPARUL and Sponger Related Sponger's Linked Data Middleware Hooks into SPARQL Virtuoso Sponger Technical White Paper Supported Virtuoso Sponger Cartridges SPARQL Sponger Interacting with Sponger Middleware via RESTful Patterns Interacting with Sponger Meta Cartridge via RESTful Patterns Sponger Cartridge RDF Extractor Extending SPARQL IRI Dereferencing with RDF Mappers Programmer Guide for Virtuoso Linked Data Middleware ("Sponger") Create RDF Custom Cartridge Tutorial OpenLink-supplied Virtuoso Sponger Cartridges Virtuoso Authentication Server Virtuoso SPARQL OAuth Tutorial Virtuoso Sponger Access Control List (ACL) Setup WebID Protocol & SPARQL Endpoint ACLs Tutorial Virtuoso Documentation