How to Import Ontology into Virtuoso?

The following guide describes how to import a given ontology file (for ex. into Virtuoso.

Import the Ontology Data

Assume one wants to import in Virtuoso the cert ontology :
  1. Using the Conductor UI at http://<cname>/conductor -> Database -> Interactive SQL or from the ISQL command line, execute the following statement:


  2. Next execute the statement:

    SPARQL DEFINE get:soft "replace" SELECT DISTINCT * FROM <> WHERE { ?s ?p ?o }

View the Imported Data Using FCT Browser

  1. Make sure you have installed the Virtuoso Faceted Browser VAD package.
  2. Go to http://http://<cname>/fct

  3. Go to "Entity URI lookup"

  4. Enter the ontology url: . Select the provided file location:

  5. Click "Describe". 1.The main ontology retrieved data should be presented:

  6. You may want to proceed further exploring the retrieved data by viewing the is isDefinedBy of : Certificate
  7. Should be presented certificate definitions within the ontology: