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    Stuctured Query Language

    Structued Query Language, also known as SQL for short is an industry-standard language for creating, updating and, querying relational database management systems. There are three basic components for SQL, these include:

    • Data Definition Language (DDL) for creation and modification of relational schema as well as schema objects include relations, indexes, etc.
    • Data Manipulation Language (DML) that allows you to insert, delete, update rows in tables and query data in tables
    • Data Control Language (DCL) which provides for concurrency control, transactions as well as ddministrative tasks including the set up of database users, users ad table security permissions including grants and roles, etc.

    SQL Standard Revisions

    • SQL-86
    • SQL-87
    • SQL-89
    • SQL-92 also known as SQL2
    • SQL:1999 also known as SQL3
    • SQL:2003


    SQL2003 is the fifth(lastest) revision of the SQL database query language that includes XML-related features, window functions, standardized sequences and columns with auto-generated values (including identity-columns). The following includes the sections of the ISO Information technology on Database languages that comprise the SQL:2003 standard.


    SQL Syntax