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    Virtuoso SPARQL GRAPH CRUD Authentication Endpoint UI Usage Example

    The following steps present simple scenario how to use the Virtuoso sparql-graph-crud-auth Web Service Endpoint UI:

    1. Go to http://host:port/sparql-graph-crud-auth
    2. Should be prompted for authentication. Enter for user that is member of the SPARQL_UPDATE group its credentials. For instance, enter credentials for user dba.
    3. The Virtuoso SPARQL 1.1 Uniform RDF Graph Query Form should be opened:

    4. Fill in "Graph URI" and choose a file to upload data from into the specified graph:

    5. Click "Upload the resource"
    6. Next let's check the content of the specified graph for new triples inserted by going to http://host:port/sparql and executing the following query:

      SELECT * FROM <urn:example:demo> WHERE {?s ?p ?o}