Linked Data Import Setup Guide

The following guide presents sample scenario how to create WebDAV Folder from type Linked Data Import:

  1. Create ODS user, for ex. with user name "demo".
  2. Go to http://cname/ods and enter user demo log in credentials
  3. Go to Briefcase:

  4. Click the "New Folder" from the Briefcase Main Horizontal tab.

  5. In the presented form enter Folder name, for ex: "MyData?", and specify Folder Type: "Linked Data Import":

  6. Go to tab "Linked Data Import":

  7. In the presented form specify graph name, for ex. "urn:mydata" and also hatch the check-box "Sponger (on/off) ":
    • Optionally you can select which cartridges to be included from the "Sponger Extractor Cartridges" and "Sponger Meta Cartridges" lists:

  8. Click "Create".
  9. The folder "MyData?" should be created:

  10. Click the folder name link to view its content: