ODS Controller for JSP Api Login

Note: you should have the users.jsp and users_dsn.jsp (created after installation) file physically located on your machine.

  1. The implementation uses Java version 1.5 (version 5), so you should run the corresponding Virtuoso executive. You need also to have installed Tomcat version 5.5.x.
  2. The page name is 'users.jsp'.
  3. The endpoint URL is http://[cname]:[port]/jsp/users/users.jsp.
  4. Configuration
    1. Start Virtuoso executive
    2. Install Tomcat
    3. Copy file 'virtjdbc3.jar' into '[Tomcat installation folder]/common/lib'
    4. Create file with name 'users#jsp.xml' in '[Tomcat installation folder]/conf/Catalina/[cname]/' with content:

      <!-- Context configuration file for the ODS-Users Web Application --> <Context docBase="[Enter here the physical location to the users.jsp file]" privileged="true" antiResourceLocking="false" antiJARLocking="false"> </Context>

    5. Start Tomcat
    6. Build and install the conductor_dav.vad package
    7. Setting Virtual Directory:
      1. Go to http://[cname]:[port]/conductor
      2. Login as dba user.
      3. Go to "WebDAV & HTTP"->"HTTP Hosts & Directories" tab.
      4. If directory link '/jsp/users' exists update it with properties described below or click the "New Directory" link.
      5. Click the "Type" radio-box and select from the drop-down list the value "Proxy server".
      6. Click "Next".
      7. In the shown form:
        1. For field "Virtual directory path" enter the value: /jsp/users
        2. For field "Proxy to" enter the value: http://[Tomcat Host]:[Tomcat Port]/users/jsp
        3. For "VSP User" select from the drop-down list: dba
      8. Click the "Save changes" button.
    8. After VAD installing new page is created in folder '/DAV/VAD/wa/users' - 'users_dsn.jsp'. This page contains connection information - cname, user, password.
    9. Files 'users.jsp' and 'users_dsn.jsp' must downloaded into local file system.
    10. If some database parameters are changed after installation file 'users_dsn.jsp' must be updated. Go to your physical location of the 'users_dsn.jsp' file and set the correct values for the connection to the database:

      <% String $_dsn = "jdbc:virtuoso://[cname]:[SQL Server port]"; String $_user = "dba"; String $_pass = "dba"; %>

    11. Install the ods framework_dav.vad package.
    12. Go to http://[cname]:[port]/jsp/users/users.jsp.

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