ODSControllerPHPApiLoginODS Controller for PHP Api Login PHP: The supported version of PHP is 5, so you should use Virtuoso php5 executive. The page name is 'users.php'. The endpoint URL is http://[cname]:[port]/php/users/users.php The alternate URL is http://[cname]:[port]/ods/users/users.php Configuration: Start Virtuoso executive Install the ods framework_dav.vad package After VAD installing new page is created in folder '/DAV/VAD/wa/users' - 'users_dsn.php'. This page contains connection information - cname, user, password. If some database parameters are changed this file must be updated: Go to http://cname:port/conductor Login as dba user. The password by default is dba. Go to tab WebDAV & HTTP Go to path "DAV/VAD/wa/users" Update file 'users_dsn.php' file by changing the values of the following PHP variables: $_dsn -- this is the ODBC connection name. $_pass -- this is the dba user password CategoryODS CategoryPHP