ODSProgrammersGuideAPIs ODS Programmers Guide APIs Application Specific REST APIs Application Controllers Generic REST APIs GData Services APIs Open Social API Social Graph API Import & Export APIs RDF Import APIs. 3rd Party Platform Interfaces Facebook API Notification services API An application which needs to notify an external web service registered in with ODS (such as ping services on Weblogs.com) should use ODS.DBA.APP_PING (in _wai_name varchar, in _post_title varchar := null, in _post_url varchar := null); The _wai_name is name of the application instance The _post_title and _post_url are title and URL for the given post. If not supplied the home URL and description of the ODS instance will be used to notify the Web service. When the above is executed (usually in INSERT or UPDATE trigger), a record will be added for each subscribed service (done in ODS notification UI). CategoryODS CategoryApplicationController CategoryAPI CategoryToBeDone CategoryProgrammersGuide