ODS RDF Sink Folder

Virtuoso's WebDAV supports a special folder for RDF uploads, named rdf_sink.

From the ODS Briefcase UI, a user may see properties for this folder using the "Properties" button at the right of the folder name. The opened page shows tab with name "RDF Upload" and 2 fields:

The UI is the same as for other DET folders. On the "Main" tab > field "Folder Type" contains "RDF Upload Folder". You may set this type for other WebDAV folders and set field values in the "RDF Upload" tab.


User demo uploads at http://demo.openlinksw.com/ods a rdf file in his rdf_sink folder:
  1. Go to demo user Briefcase UI home page
  2. Upload the RDF file ('TimBLcard.rdf') in the "rdf_sink" folder.
  3. After upload a file with name "http___demo.openlinksw.com_DAV_home_demo_rdf_sink_.RDF" is created. When its name link is clicked in the ODS Briefcase UI, the triples are downloaded.

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