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    ODS RDF Sink Folder

    Virtuoso's WebDAV supports a special folder for RDF uploads, named rdf_sink.

    • When a new user is created,then a new WebDAV folder with name rdf_sink is created in the user's home directory;
    • The folder has two properties - virt:rdf_graph and virt:rdf_sponger. The names of the WebDAV properties are prefixed with virt:. The properties of the other DET folders are also prefixed in the same way. Properties prefixed with virt: are not shown as resource/collection properties in the ODS Briefcase - they can be seen only in the Conductor. Uploaded resources in the rdf_sink folder don't have any special properties.
      1. The property virt:rdf_graph contains the name of the graph for uploads.
      2. The property virt:rdf_sponger points to the upload method. If it is on, then the content of every file uploaded to that folder is added to the RDF store using the Sponger method. If this value is off, then only files with special mime types are added to the RDF store. After the first upload into the folder a new file is created too and it has name based on the RDF Graph Name. This file is dynamic and contains all uploaded triplets;
    • There is a procedure for automatic creation of an rdf_sink folder in each ODS users home directory. The ODS Register User page can also be updated so that an rdf_sink folder will be created for every ODS user.
    • ODS Briefcase UI supports rdf_sink-like folders (create and update);

    From the ODS Briefcase UI, a user may see properties for this folder using the "Properties" button at the right of the folder name. The opened page shows tab with name "RDF Upload" and 2 fields:

    • Graph name, e.g., http://demo.openlinksw.com/DAV/home/demo/rdf_sink
    • Sponger (on/off), defaults to on.

    The UI is the same as for other DET folders. On the "Main" tab > field "Folder Type" contains "RDF Upload Folder". You may set this type for other WebDAV folders and set field values in the "RDF Upload" tab.


    User demo uploads at http://demo.openlinksw.com/ods a rdf file in his rdf_sink folder:
    1. Go to demo user Briefcase UI home page
    2. Upload the RDF file ('TimBLcard.rdf') in the "rdf_sink" folder.
    3. After upload a file with name "http___demo.openlinksw.com_DAV_home_demo_rdf_sink_.RDF" is created. When its name link is clicked in the ODS Briefcase UI, the triples are downloaded.

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