OdsAddressbookExportExport ODs Addressbook Contacts ODS Addressbook offers to be exported the contacts by content type: vCard FOAF CSV Here is sample scenario: Go to http://cname:port/ods Log in as user. Go to Addressbook Click the "Export" button from the Addressbook Main horizontal navigation. Choose a Content type and enter Filename
Click the "Export" button. Here is the generated file after confirming the Save File Form: BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:2.1 REV:2008-12-01T12:53:20.000-05:00 UID:27C3ED5E-AA7B-11DD-8440-D0CF50816927@localhost NICKNAME:Kingsley Idehen FN:Kingsley Idehen N:Idehen;Kingsley;; END:VCARD BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:2.1 REV:2008-12-01T12:53:20.000-05:00 UID:3BC2B05E-BC07-11DD-8440-D0CF50816927@localhost NICKNAME:Orri Erling N:Erling;Orri;; END:VCARD CategoryODS CategoryOpenSource CategoryAddressBook CategoryOdsAddressBook