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    ODS AddressBook SyncML

    Now ODS AddressBook supports synchronization to DAV SyncML folder and back. In order to perform sync, follow the steps:

    1. Go to http://cname:port/ods
    2. Login as user
    3. Click the Briefcase link from the left vertical navigation.
    4. As result will be open your DAV/home/[ods-user] folder file content.
    5. Click New Folder
    6. Create regular folder for ex. with name mysync
    7. Go to the new folder and click again New Folder
    8. Now enter name for ex. contacts and specify SyncML version for ex. 1.1 and SyncML type, for ex. vcard 1.1
    9. Click AddressBook from the left navigation of the ODS UI
    10. As result will be created AddressBook instance ( if you do not have already such) and you will be redirected to its UI.
    11. Create several contacts.
    12. Go to Preferences->SyncML
    13. Click New SyncML
    14. In the shown form:
      1. Specify name, for ex. test
      2. Enter WebDAV SyncML Path, for ex. /DAV/home/[ods-user]/mysync/contacts
      3. enter username and password
    15. Click Create
    16. Click Sync
    17. Specify direction of the synchronization and click the button Sync
    18. As result should be shown as message how many contacts were synced to the AddressBook instance (In) and how many were synced to the DAV location (Out)

    Synchronization in Background

    Suppose you already have synced your contacts from the AddressBook instance to the DAV location as described above. Then, when there is a change on some of the fields for a current contact in your AddressBook, this change on Save action will be also triggered to the DAV location's contact.


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