ODS API for data access & manipulation

The code location is the ods_controllers.sql file from the ODS package.

All requests are authorized via one of :

  1. HTTP authentication (not yet supported)
  2. OAuth
  3. VSPX session (sid & realm)
  4. username=<user>&password=<pass>

The authenticated account becomes the effective user.

Important Note: Any API method MUST follow naming convention as follows:

Note: some of the methods below use ods_api.sql code

Supported Web Services Endpoints

Full collection of Supported Web Services Endpoints can be viewed here?.

User account activity

User register
Authenticate ODS account
User Update
User password change
User delete
User freeze
Get User Details
Search for user

Social Network activity

Invite User
Process invitation
Get user's invitations

User terminate relation

User Settings

Tagging Rules
User Add Tagging Rules

User Delete Tagging rule
User Update Tagging Rule
Hyperlinking Rules
User Add hyperlinking rules
User Update hyperlinking rules
User Delete hyperlinking rules
User get FOAF data

Application instance activity

Instance Create
Instance Update
Instance Delete
Join to Instance
Join instance Remove
Instance Join Approve
Notification Services
Instance Notification Services
Instance Notification Set

Instance Notification Cancel
Instance Notification Log
Instance Search
Instance Get

Global Actions

Site Search
Error Handler

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