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    ODS API for data access & manipulation

    The code location is the ods_controllers.sql file from the ODS package.

    All requests are authorized via one of :

    1. HTTP authentication (not yet supported)
    2. OAuth
    3. VSPX session (sid & realm)
    4. username=<user>&password=<pass>

    The authenticated account becomes the effective user.

    Important Note: Any API method MUST follow naming convention as follows:

    • methods : ods.<object type>.<action>
    • parameters : <lower_case>
    • composite parameters: atom-pub, OpenSocial XML format
    • response : GData format, i.e., Atom extension

    Note: some of the methods below use ods_api.sql code

    Supported Web Services Endpoints

    Full collection of Supported Web Services Endpoints can be viewed here?.

    User account activity

    User register
    • Description: register ODS user
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.register"
    • Parameters:
      • name: desired user account name
      • password: desired password
      • email: user's e-mail address
    Authenticate ODS account
    • Description: Authenticate ODS account using name & password hash. Will establish a session in VSPX_SESSION table
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.authenticate"
    • Parameters:
      • user_name: ODS user name
      • password_hash: password hash
    User Update
    • Description: Update user details
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.update"
    • Parameters:
      • user_info: array of user details
    User password change
    • Description: Change user's password
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.password_change"
    • Parameters:
      • new_password: new password
    User delete
    • Description: Deletes ODS user
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.delete"
    • Parameters:
      • name: Name of the ODS user to be deleted
    User freeze
    • Description: Freeze User. This is ODS admin privilege
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.freeze"
    • Parameters:
      • name: Name of the ODS user to be frozen.
    Get User Details
    • Description: Gets ODS user details
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.get"
    • Parameters:
      • name: the name of the ODS user
    Search for user
    • Description: performs search for ODS user by given pattern
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.search"
    • Parameters:
      • pattern: the search pattern

    Social Network activity

    Invite User
    • Description: Sends invitation to friends
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.invite"
    • Parameters:
      • friends_email: email to which the invitation to be sent
      • custom_message: the message to be included in the invitation
    Process invitation
    • Description: process given invitation
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.invitation"
    • Parameters:
      • invitation_id: id of the invitation
      • approve: if 1, approved; if 0, not approved.
    Get user's invitations
    • Description: get user's invitations
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.invitations.get"
    • Parameters: none

    User terminate relation
    • Description: Terminates relation friend with user
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.relation_terminate"
    • Parameters:
      • friend: the name of the user in relation with.

    User Settings

    Tagging Rules
    User Add Tagging Rules
    • Description: adds tagging rules
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.tagging_rules.add"
    • Parameters:
      • rulelist_name: name of the rule
      • rules: array of the rule set
      • is_public: if 1, public; else, private

    User Delete Tagging rule
    • Description: deletes user tagging rule
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.tagging_rules.delete"
    • Parameters:
      • rulelist_name: name of the rule to be deleted
    User Update Tagging Rule
    • Description: updates user tagging rule
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.tagging_rules.update"
    • Parameters:
      • rulelist_name: rule name
      • rule: array of values for the tagging rule to be updated.
    Hyperlinking Rules
    User Add hyperlinking rules
    • Description: Adds hyperlinking to rules.
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.hyperlinking_rules.add"
    • Parameters:
      • rules: rules to be added
    User Update hyperlinking rules
    • Description: Update hyperlinking rules
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.hyperlinking_rules.update"
    • Parameters:
      • rules: rules to be updated
    User Delete hyperlinking rules
    • Description: Delete User hyperlinking rules
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.hyperlinking_rules.delete"
    • Parameters:
      • rules: rules to be deleted
    User get FOAF data
    • Description: Gets User data by given FOAF IRI
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."user.getFOAFData"
    • Parameters:
      • foafIRI: foafIRI of the user

    Application instance activity

    Instance Create
    • Description: Creates ODS instance
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."instance.create"
    • Parameters:
      • type: class type of the instance
      • name: name of the instance
      • description: short description
      • model: model of the instance
      • public: if 1</nowiki>, public; else, private
    Instance Update
    • Description: Update instance properties
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."instance.update"
    • Parameters:
      • inst_id: id of the instance
      • name: name of the instance
      • description: description of the instance
      • model: model type
      • public: if 1</nowiki>, public; else, private
    Instance Delete
    • Description: Delete Instance
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."instance.delete"
    • Parameters:
      • inst_id: id of the instance to be deleted
    Join to Instance
    • Description: Join existing instance
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."instance.join"
    • Parameters:
      • inst_id: id of the instance to join to
    Join instance Remove
    • Description: Remove existing join to instance
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."instance.disjoin"
    • Parameters:
      • inst_id: id of the instance to remove the join from
    Instance Join Approve
    • Description: Approve request to join to instance
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."instance.join_approve"
    • Parameters:
      • inst_id: id of the instance to join
      • uname: username requested the join
    Notification Services
    • Description: Returns notification services properties
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."notification.services"
    • Parameters: none
    Instance Notification Services
    • Description: Returns instance services notification
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."instance.notification.services"
    • Parameters:
      • inst_id: instance id
    Instance Notification Set
    • Description: Instance notification set
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."instance.notification.set"
    • Parameters:
      • inst_id: id of the instance
      • services: array of services properties values

    Instance Notification Cancel
    • Description: Cancel Instance Notification
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."instance.notification.cancel"
    • Parameters:
      • inst_id: id of the instance
      • services: list of services
    Instance Notification Log
    • Description: Shows instance notification log
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."instance.notification.log"
    • Parameters:
      • inst_id: id of the instance
    Instance Search
    • Description: Search for instance by given pattern
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."instance.search"
    • Parameters:
      • pattern: search pattern
    Instance Get
    • Description: Get Instance Properties
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."instance.get"
    • Parameters:
      • inst_id: id of the instance

    Global Actions

    Site Search
    • Description: Search within the ODS Data Space
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API."site.search"
    • Parameters:
      • pattern: search pattern
      • options: search options
    Error Handler
    • Description: Error handler
    • API name: ODS.ODS_API.error_handler
    • Parameters: none

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