OdsApplicationSuite OpenLink Data Spaces Framework & Application Suite OpenLink Data Spaces is an expanding line of Virtuoso-based applications for establishing and managing one's presence on the web and the emerging semantic web. The applications include web based social networking, blog, file sharing and more. If you have installed Virtuoso, you can start using any of the applications listed on this page by just downloading a single file from our download page and installing this with a single SQL command. After this, you can point a web browser at the application and start using it. ODS Framework ODS Frameworkd includes an complete data environment, intelligent content integration, user profiles, tags, comprehensive search and more. Read more on the ODS Framework Application Suite This is the core of the ODS application suite. This handles user registration, profiles, social networks and managing each user's personal collection of applications such as blogs, file sharing etc. The current release of ODS includes the following applications: ODS Briefcase ODS Briefcase is a web based file sharing platform built on Virtuoso's WebDAV server. ODS Briefcase allows fine-grained control of file access rights, search based on content and metadata, alternate views of WebDAV resources organized by metadata and more. All the content that can be read and written via ODS Briefcase is also read/write accessible via the WebDAV protocol, for easy mounting into a Windows or Mac OSX file system. Read more on ODS Briefcase ODS Weblog ODS Weblog is the complete blogging solution, providing all common feed formats, templating, web services API's, automatic pinging, post categorization and more. ODS Weblog supports multiple authors as well as inclusion of blogs for forming community blogs. Read more about the ODS Blog application. CategoryWebSite CategoryOpenSource CategoryODS