OdsBlog Weblog Publishing PlatformWeblog Publishing Platform ODS-Weblog provides a sophisticated platform for editing and publishing of Weblogs. Feature Highlights Content Publishing Protocols Support Moveable Type Blogger (1.0 & 2.0) Meta Weblog Atom Content Syndication Formats RSS 1.0 RSS 2.0 (including variations from Yahoo! and Apple) Atom OPML OCS SIOC FOAF XBEL Content Management CSS & (X)HTML based Page Templating WYSIWYG editor (includes Preview and Save-as-Draft functions) Archiving - by year, month, category Sophisticated Comment Engine - includes OpenID support and transparent integration with NNTP Enclosures support for multimedia casting (Podcasts and Videocasts) Keyword-driven rules engine for automated content-categorization and tagging Automatically generated Linkblogs and Summary Pages (for outbound link automation) Search - Free Text, GData, SPARQL, XQuery, and XPath Automatic generation of syndication gems (ATOM, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, XBEL, OpenSearch) for all Search and Query result sets Microformats support - RDFa, eRDF, XFN, hReview, and others Mobile Blogging for Mobile phones acting as Blog clients 3rd Party Integration via web Services Automatic pinging of 3rd party services such as: weblogs.com, technorati.com, pingthesemanticweb.com, and others Import and Export integration with shard bookmarking services such as del.icio.us Automatic synchronization with third party (and other ODS Weblog instances) via rules-based upstreaming Security Community / Group authored blogs include oles- based security across various profile Access-control - Blog readership is controllable via Access Control Lists (ACLs) How Do I ...? Make Downstreaming(Importing)? Make Upstreaming? Use OpenID for my Weblog Posts authentication verification? Manipulate my Weblog data via REST using authentication based on OAuth, sessions, or password hash? Set Automatic links and Content Hyperlinking? Configure my Weblog? Use the Virtuoso OAuth Test tool to manage my Weblog data? Use the Weblog Ubiquity Commands? Use SPARQL to Query My Weblog using the SIOC Ontology Use SPARQL to Query My Weblog using the Atom Ontology Use SPARQL to Query My Weblog using the SKOS Ontology Use SPARQL to Query My Weblog using the FOAF Ontology FAQs Weblog FAQ Quick Start Guides Getting Started with Weblog Weblog Tutorials Weblog Importing Tutorial Weblog Upstreaming Ubiquity Tutorial Weblog OAuth Authentication Tutorial Weblog OAuth REST API Tutorial with the Virtuoso OAuth Testing Tool Reference Guides Weblog's Programmers Guide Web Services Programmers Guide See also ODS SIOC reference Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and Atom OWL Ontology Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and SKOS Ontology Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and FOAF Ontology Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and Annotea Ontology ODS SPARQL Samples Northwind SPARQL Reference Query Virtuoso Tutorials using SPARQL Query Virtuoso Documentation using SPARQL WordPress SIOC Reference MedaWiki SIOC Reference PHPBB SIOC Reference Check out our Blog Data Space in action by visiting the Virtuoso Technology Blog Weblog Platform White Paper CategoryODS CategoryOpenSource CategoryBlog CategoryOdsWeblog CategoryWebSite