OdsBookmarkSubscrHow to subscribe to URL accessible Bookmark files? The subscriptions are defined in the Preferences page. Go to Subscriptions. Click the "New Subscription" button. In the shown form set the parameters as follows: Name of the subscription; Refresh type Manually; On scheduled interval: every [n] hours/days. Source type of the subscription source path: WebDAV path (local) URL (external WebDAV or other source) WebDAV Path / URL value. Username and password if needed. Options (Filter - What entries to be accepted?) Folder Tags Here is sample scenario how to set subscriptions in Bookmark Manager: Login at http://myopenlink.net:8890/ods/ as user demo Go to its Bookmark Manager Go to Preferences -> Subscriptions -> New Subscription In the shown form enter: Name: MyDemo Bookmark Refresh type: every 1 hour Source type: URL WebDAV path/URL: http://demo.openlinksw.com/DAV/home/demo/bookmarks123.html Username and password: demo Click the button "Create".
As result the subscription will be created.
You can click the "Sync" button in order to force synchronization. As result, in the "Status" column will be shown the result of the synchronization. Now click the "Back" button. Expand the Bookmarks tree As result will be shown the retrieved from the subscription above bookmarks.
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