OdsBriefcase Briefcase Briefcase The ODS Briefcase is a WebDAV-compliant platform that offers file-sharing functionality via a "Briefcase Data Space". Its standards-compliance enables the exploitation of File Server functionality via the following methods: Web Browser-based interactions Web Services - direct use of the HTTP based WebDAV protocol Semantic Web's SPARQL Query Language - all WebDAV resources are exposed as SIOC Ontology instance data (RDF Data Sets) Key Features Automatic Metadata Management - ODS automatically extracts file metadata from a wide array of file formats at file upload time. The metadata is available in two forms -- Pure WebDAV and RDF-XML or N3/Turtle, optionally synchronized with the underlying Virtuoso Triple Store. Automatic metadata-extraction from many known file types - MS Office, Open Office, Open Document Format, Content Syndication Formats (RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Atom, OPML, OCS), (X)HTML, Web Services Contract Files (BPEL, WSDL), XBRL, XBEL, FOAF, iCalendar, hCalendar, vCARD, Google Base Items, and other formats. Powerful Full-Text Search - including WebDAV metadata, physical properties such as path, filename, content words, individual and group ownership, mime type, date range, and tags Flexible Data Access - all Briefcase data is accessible via SPARQL, GData, and Briefcase Service-specific Web Services Open Data Access - transparent integration with any WebDAV-compliant environment, e.g., Mac OS X Finder, Windows Network Places, Linux DAV Mount, and others Security - UNIX-like file-permission system or Access Control Lists (ACLs) Unified Storage - a central storage and access point for all ODS application data Virtual WebDAV Resources - even when the actual data in question isn't a physical WebDAV resource it can still be viewed in the Briefcase via Virtual WebDAV VIEWs Smart Folders for custom association of resource types with virtual folders. For example, you can navigate to, or enter, the path DAV/home/[username]/Items/Graphics/Type/JPEG to list all the graphic images that are of type JPEG for a given user. Resource tagging - enabling the categorization of content by user-defined tags. These tags are also usable within Free Text Searches of Briefcase content Shared Folders View - shows all collections and resources to which the user has been granted access Version Control - Versioning can be enabled for any resource using any client supporting the DeltaV core feature set. Historical versions of resources will appear in a separate virtual folder. DeltaV core WebDAV methods are supported for resources for which versioning has been enabled. Web Services Services How Do I ...? Manage Metadata? Manage Resource Versions? Manage different Briefcase type folders? Use Virtuoso DAV Extensions? Browse files/folders content? Manipulate My data via REST using authentication based on OAuth, sessions, or password hash? Use the Virtuoso OAuth Test tool to manage My data? Create new folder in My Briefcase? Use the Briefcase Ubiquity Commands? Get Data into Virtuoso Quad Store via the ODS-Briefcase's special RDF Sink Folder? Manage Dynamic folders? Retrieve content from external web sites? Sync data to Amazon S3 and vs? Share resources? Use SPARQL to Query My Resources and Collections using the SIOC Ontology Use SPARQL to Query My Resources and Collections using the FOAF Ontology Use SPARQL to Query My Resources and Collections using the SKOS Ontology Use SPARQL to Query My Resources and Collections using the Atom Ontology FAQs Briefcase FAQ Quick Start Guides Getting Started with Briefcase Briefcase Tutorials Briefcase Manage Resources Ubiquity Tutorial Briefcase OAuth Authentication Tutorial Briefcase OAuth REST API Tutorial with the Virtuoso OAuth Testing Tool Reference Guides Briefcase's Programmers Guide See also ODS SIOC reference Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and Atom OWL Ontology Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and SKOS Ontology Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and FOAF Ontology Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and Annotea Ontology ODS SPARQL Samples Northwind SPARQL Reference Query Virtuoso Tutorials using SPARQL Query Virtuoso Documentation using SPARQL WordPress SIOC Reference MedaWiki SIOC Reference PHPBB SIOC Reference CategoryODS CategoryBriefcase CategoryOpenSource CategoryOdsBriefcase CategoryDocumentation CategoryWebSite