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    ODS Briefcase Amazon S3

    This tutorial shows how to manage data using Amazon S3 service and Virtuoso ODS Briefcase.


    1. Register for an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.
    2. Sign up for Amazon S3 and EC2 Web Service.
    3. Obtain your AWS Access Identifiers, Access Key ID, and Secret Access Key.

    Obtain your Amazon S3 Access Key ID and Secret Key

    1. Go to http://aws.amazon.com/
    2. Log in to your AWS account.
    3. Go to "Your Account" -> "Access Identifiers".
    4. From here you can copy your Amazon S3 Access Key ID and Secret Key values.

    Create a Virtuoso Amazon S3 Folder in ODS-Briefcase

    1. Go to http://cname:port/ods (change the URL to match your Virtuoso instance host and port)
    2. Log in as an ODS user
    3. In the left-hand vertical navigation area, click Briefcase.
    4. In the main horizontal navigation bar, click the "New folder" icon
    5. In the Main tab of the form, enter a folder name, e.g., MyAmazonS3, and select the Amazon S3 folder type.

    6. Click to the now-visible S3 Properties tab.
    7. In this form, leave "Bucket Name" empty (so users of this ODS-Briefcase Folder get all your buckets), or set it to a specific S3 Bucket name (so only that Bucket's contents are made available).
    8. Enter the Access Key ID and Secret Key values you obtained earlier in this tutorial.

    9. Click the "Create" button, and the ODS-Briefcase folder will be created
    10. Go to path DAV/home/test1/MyAmazonS3.
    11. You should now see any content you have previously added to your the Amazon S3 Bucket(s).


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