OdsFrameworkAPI OpenLink Data Spaces Framework API API - Getting Started. Contains 2 procedures accessible by SOAP <tgroup><thead /><tbody><entry> ODS_CREATE_USER </entry><entry> Automatic creation of new user without going trough web registration procedure.</entry><entry /> <row><entry> </entry><entry>in _username varchar,</entry><entry>login for user to create </entry></row> <row><entry> </entry><entry>in _passwd varchar,</entry><entry>password for created user </entry></row> <row><entry> </entry><entry>in _email varchar,</entry><entry>email address for user </entry></row> <row><entry> </entry><entry>in _host varchar := '', </entry><entry>desired domain for which user will be created, if not supplied URIQA default host will be taken</entry></row> <row><entry> </entry><entry>in <emphasis>creator_username varchar :='',</emphasis></entry><entry>if registration for domain is prohibited authentication of administrator of the domain is required in order to authorize account create </entry></row> <row><entry> </entry><entry>in _creator_passwd varchar :=''</entry><entry>password for authorized administrator;</entry></row> <row><entry> </entry><entry> </entry><entry> </entry></row> <row><entry> </entry><entry>RESULT is INTEGER (created user id) if successful, otherwise varchar - ERROR MESSAGE;</entry><entry /></row> </tbody></tgroup></table> <para> </para> <table><title /><tgroup><thead /><tbody><entry> ODS_CREATE_NEW_APP_INST </entry><entry> creates instance of determined type for given user </entry><entry /> <row><entry> </entry><entry>in app_type varchar,</entry><entry>VALID WA_TYPE of application to create </entry></row> <row><entry> </entry><entry>in inst_name varchar,</entry><entry>desired name for the instance </entry></row> <row><entry> </entry><entry>in owner varchar,</entry><entry>username of the owner of the instance </entry></row> <row><entry> </entry><entry>in model int := 0,</entry><entry>refers to Membership model(Open,Closed,Invitation only,Approval based)</entry></row> <row><entry> </entry><entry>in pub int := 1,</entry><entry>refers to Visible to public property </entry></row> <row><entry> </entry><entry>in inst_descr varchar := null</entry><entry>description for the instance </entry></row> <row><entry> </entry><entry>result is INTEGER (instance id)if successful, otherwise varchar - ERROR MESSAGE </entry><entry /></row> </tbody></tgroup></table> <para> Access to procedures granted to GDATA_ODS SOAP user using [/ods_services] web services endpoint .</para> <para> It is supposed to use shttp when using the SOAP procedure for creating user authenticated by admin account.</para> <para><ulink url="CategoryODS">CategoryODS</ulink> <ulink url="CategoryOpenSource">CategoryOpenSource</ulink> <ulink url="CategoryWebSite">CategoryWebSite</ulink></para> </section></docbook>