OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS)

ODS is a new-generation Distributed Collaborative Application platform for creating presence in the semantic web via Data Spaces derived from Weblogs, Wikis, Feed Aggregators, Photo Galleries, Shared Bookmarks, Discussion Forums and more.

What are Data Spaces?

Data Spaces are a new database-management technology frontier that deals with the virtualization of heterogeneous data and data sources via a plethora of data-access protocols.

As Unified Data Stores, Data Spaces also provide solid foundation for the creation, processing and dissemination of knowledge, making them a natural foundation platform for the emerging Data-Web (Semantic Web, Layer 1).

Why are Data Spaces important?

They provide a cost-effective route for generating Semantic Web Presence from Web 2.0 and traditional Web data-sources, by delivering an atomic data container for RDF Instance Data derived from data hosted in Blogs, Wikis, Shared Bookmark Services, Discussion Forums, Web File Servers, Photo Galleries, etc.

Data Spaces enable direct and granular database-style interaction with Web Data.

Standards and Protocols

Query Service Support

ODS supports a number of Query Services:

Publishing Protocol Support

ODS supports the following publishing protocols:

Web Services

Application Components


Getting Started

ODS is pre-installed as part of the demonstration database (demo.db) bundled with OpenLink Virtuoso Open-Source Edition. If you are running the server with the demo database (typically on HTTP port 8890 and SQL Port 1112), simply point your browser to http://localhost:8890/ods. See Setting up ODS for a simple configuration guide.

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