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    ODS Mail: Getting Started


    • Virtuoso Server has been installed and is running
    • ODS and other ODS Applications Mail have been successfully installed
    • Register a new ODS account or login as DBA or DAV account

    Login to ODS and Create your Mail

    1. Using a web browser, login into you ODS user account or login as DAV or DBA by typing the following URL into your web browser: http://localhost:8890/ods/
    2. Select Mail tab from the ODS Bar.
    3. Select the "Create New" Link.
    4. Enter your Mail name, URL and click the button labeled "Create and Launch Application", which will create a new Mail instance.

    Writing Mail Messages

    Once you have created a Mail instance you are ready to view and send emails:

    1. To write a new message, select the "Write a Message" tab.
    2. Entering the email addresses of the person(s) you want to receive your message in the "To" field. E-mail addresses can be separated by a comma (,).
    3. Enter the optional e-mail addresses in the TCC:, BCC: or DCC: fields.
    4. Enter the subject or you message in the field to the right of the Subject label
    5. Enter your message in the WSYWIG editor in the form provided to the right of the Message label.
    6. When you are satisfied with the messages content, click the "Send Message" button to send you e-mail.

    Reading Mail

    To view new messages, save drafts or email you have sent.

    1. To View New Message, click the Inbox folder directly under the "Inbox" Tab on the far left.
    2. New message appear in the right pane, select any of the messages highlighted links under the "To" or "Subject" headings.
    3. To go back to reading new mail, click the "Close" button.

    Mail Page Overview

    Mail offers many features and is fully integrated with ODS. Check out some of Mail's other features as shown below:

    1. View messages in your Inbox or Inbox Subfolders, Sent messages, Message drafts or mail deleted in your Trash.
    2. View your new messages and sort them by Sender (From), the mail Subject, the date the mail was received or by size.
    3. View your inbox, write new message or manage your folders, mail account or any pop3 account you have added to the Mail application.
    4. Search mail by keyword or Advanced options, update your settings via preferences, View Help.

    Figure 1 - Mail

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