PHPBB3SIOCRef phpBB 3 SIOC Reference What is it about? Unobtrusive generation of RDF instance data from phpBB 3. You simply use phpBB 3 as-is while reaping the benefit of "Linked Data Views" into your bulletin board data via the SIOC Ontology. In addition, you attain transparent integration between phpBB 3 and NNTP such that phpBB 3 data becomes accessible to NNTP aware applications. Why is it important? Unified Storage of heterogenous data originating from a variety of applications and associated protocols that is exposed as RDF instance data. Thus, benefits include: SPARQL access to phpBB 3 data via a SPARQL Endpoint Dereferenceable URIs (drill-down facilitating data pointers) for all data items (Entities) in the "Discussion Forum" / "Bulletin Board" domain (also referred to as Boardscape) Coherent exploitation of conceptual similarities between phpBB 3 and objects in the NNTP (Usenet / newsgroups) such as two-way interaction with common date via NNTP news-reader utilities or web-based discussion forum clients bound to phpBB 3 or NNTP. How can one use this feature? Obtain an Open Source of Commercial Edition of Virtuoso ( enable PHP Hosting Support during installation) Install the virtuoso_phpbb_hosting_filesystem.vad package Go to http:// UNKNOWN tag:[port]/phpBB3 Use phpBB 3 as per usual Query SPARQL Data via the endpoint: http:// UNKNOWN tag:[port]/phpBB3 using RDF Data Source URI (Named Graph): http://:[port]/phpbb_v (for Virtual Graphs) and http://:[port]/phpbb (for Physical Graphs) What are the Linked Data Views supported? PHPBB3 rdf_views_script.sql or view the online version here. Can I See This In Action Anywhere? Available demo you can find at the following location: You can run the queries below or your own created ones using the Virtuoso SPARQL query page. For the database located at, you should use the following graph(s) URI: Virtual Graph URI: Physical Graph URI: Key phpBB 3 to SIOC Mappings <tgroup><thead /><tbody> <row /> <row><entry> Instance </entry><entry> rdf:type </entry><entry> sioc:Container </entry></row> <row><entry> Instance Type </entry><entry> rdf:type </entry><entry> sioc:Forum </entry></row> <row><entry> Instance name </entry><entry> sioc:name </entry><entry> <ulink url=""></ulink> </entry></row> </tbody></tgroup></table> <itemizedlist mark="bullet" spacing="compact"><listitem><ulink url="PHPBB3REFExample1">Dump of all phpBB3 Forums</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="PHPBB3REFExample2">Dump of all phpBB3 Posts</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="PHPBB3REFExample3">Dump of phpBB3 Groups and their members</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="PHPBB3REFExample4">Dump of phpBB 3 Users details</ulink></listitem> </itemizedlist><para> </para> <bridgehead class="">Reference</bridgehead> <itemizedlist mark="bullet" spacing="compact"><listitem><ulink url="VirtRDFViewPHPBB3">phpBB 3 Linked Data Views</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="">phpBB 3 Installation Guide</ulink></listitem> </itemizedlist><bridgehead class="">See also</bridgehead> <itemizedlist mark="bullet" spacing="compact"><listitem><ulink url="">ODS SIOC reference</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="">Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and Atom OWL Ontology</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="">Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and SKOS Ontology</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="">Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and FOAF Ontology</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="">Query ODS Data Spaces using SPARQL and Annotea Ontology</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="">ODS SPARQL Samples</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="NorthWindREF">Northwind SPARQL Reference</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="SIOCRefTutorial">Query Virtuoso Tutorials using SPARQL</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="SIOCRefDocs">Query Virtuoso Documentation using SPARQL</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="WordPressSIOCRef">WordPress SIOC Reference</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="MediaWikiSIOCRef">MedaWiki SIOC Reference</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="DrupalSIOCRef">Drupal SIOC Reference</ulink></listitem> </itemizedlist><para><ulink url="CategoryRDF">CategoryRDF</ulink> <ulink url="CategorySIOC">CategorySIOC</ulink> <ulink url="CategorySPARQL">CategorySPARQL</ulink> </para> </section></docbook>