phpBB 3 SIOC Reference

What is it about?

Unobtrusive generation of RDF instance data from phpBB 3. You simply use phpBB 3 as-is while reaping the benefit of "Linked Data Views" into your bulletin board data via the SIOC Ontology. In addition, you attain transparent integration between phpBB 3 and NNTP such that phpBB 3 data becomes accessible to NNTP aware applications.

Why is it important?

Unified Storage of heterogenous data originating from a variety of applications and associated protocols that is exposed as RDF instance data. Thus, benefits include:

How can one use this feature?

What are the Linked Data Views supported?

Can I See This In Action Anywhere?

Key phpBB 3 to SIOC Mappings

phpBB 3SIOCSample Value
Instance rdf:type sioc:Container
Instance Type rdf:type sioc:Forum
Instance name sioc:name


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