SIOCRefBriefcaseExample3 Dump of all Briefcase (WebDAV) Items from special "Public" folder PREFIX rdf: <> PREFIX sioc: <> PREFIX sioct: <> PREFIX xsd: <> PREFIX dct: <> PREFIX dcc: <> SELECT DISTINCT ?forum_name, ?post, ?title, ?cr, ?url, ?links_to WHERE { ?forum a sioct:Briefcase . ?forum sioc:id ?forum_name. ?forum sioc:container_of ?post. optional { ?post dct:title ?title }. optional { ?post dcc:created ?cr }. optional { ?post sioc:link ?url }. optional { ?post sioc:links_to ?links_to }. } ORDER BY DESC (?cr) Sample Data (Live Query Results) Click Here for a live SPARQL Query (via SPARQL Protocol) against a collection of Briefcase collection.