Virtuoso & BPEL

The Business Process Execution Language for Web Services, BPEL4WS, or BPEL for short, is an XML-based format for describing web services process orchestration. It provides a platform-, protocol- and implementation language-independent format for describing long-running workflows composed from web services.

Virtuoso implements a BPEL server as an optional package included in the open-source distribution. The package offers the core BPEL engine which uses the Virtuoso database for persisting states of long-running processes plus a web-based administration interface for viewing the status of running processes, loading and testing new processes and gathering statistics.

Key Features

Getting Started

When running the Virtuoso demo database, go to http://localhost:8890/BPELGUI to access online tutorials and samples. These contain the traditional LoanFlow? loan application-processing sample with different protocol variants plus many others.

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