Virtuoso WebDAV and Web Server


Virtuoso has a built-in web server and WebDAV repository. These support both web content for human consumption as well as SOAP and other WS protocols for consumption by machine.

Dynamic web pages can be written in Virtuoso's own VSP and VSPX languages as well as in PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, Perl, Ruby, and Python with other dynamic languages to follow.

The Virtuoso WebDAV server goes far beyond a simple web file server. It provides versioning, optional text-indexing, metadata-extraction and indexing by metadata plus alternate views of WebDAV content grouped by metadata.

Virtuoso has the basic functionality of a generic web server, including HTTPS support, virtual directories, proxying, CLF logging etc.

WebDAV, Users, Security, Meta Data and Versioning

Security model, support for automatic content type recognition, indexing, versioning.

Virtual WebDAV Content and Views, WebDAV Extension Types

Providing DAV access to non-DAV data, providing alternate filtered, grouped and sorted views of WebDAV data.

Dynamic Web Pages

Writing web applications in Virtuoso/PL and SQL.

Hosting Popular Web Scripting Languages

Hosting arbitrary third-party web applications under Virtuoso.

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