Using Virtuoso Open Source Edition GIT Tree


Developers who want to actively track progress of the Virtuoso source code and contribute bugfixes or enhancements to the project need Git access.

This access requires basic knowledge of git itself; the general layout of open source and GNU projects; the use of autoconf and automake; and other things which are beyond the scope of this document.

If you have any questions, please email the Virtuoso Open Source Maintainer.

Git Archive Server Access


For main development, we will publish the Virtuoso Open Source tree to GitHub. We encourage everyone who is interested in tracking the project to make an account there.

Users who mainly just want to look at the code can use the GitHub Web interface or track the archive by checking out a local copy of the tree, with a command like this:

$ git clone git://

At this point, you can create your own work-branch based on any available branch; create bugfixes; commit them to your own branch; and then use the git format-patch command to generate appropriate diffs to email to the Virtuoso Open Source Maintainer.

Developers are encouraged to fork the project using GitHub; create your own branches to make enhancements/bugfixes; and then send pull requests using the excellent GitHub interface, so we can examine and incorporate those fixes into the master tree for future release.

For more information, please read the GitHub Documentation on how to fork a project, send pull requests, track a project, etc.


OpenLink will continue to use for to release source tarballs and certain binaries.

SourceForge also contains the frozen CVS Archive for historical reference, and for completeness, read-only Git Archive access will also be available there.

For more information, please see the SourceForge Git Documentation.

Git Tag-Signing Key

To verify signed releases, you should import our Git public GPG key, by either:

The fingerprint of this key is 7D6E 3898 F670 9F7A C25C 19D0 7B69 B670 089D E67A.

Further Documentation

Please see our Git Usage document concerning the usage of branches and tags.

For an introduction to Git, see our Git Quickstart and Tips guide.


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