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    Virtuoso Mailing Lists

    There are a few mailing lists for the Virtuoso Open-Source project, hosted by SourceForge:

    virtuoso‑announce This is a very low volume list for authoritative announcements from OpenLink Software concerning new releases. In the event of a very serious bug, it might merit being announced on here. This list is particularly recommended for people maintaining packages of Virtuoso for various distributions, to monitor for new versions.
    virtuoso‑users This is for user-level support. Topics include assistance with initial binary building, starting instances, using OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS) applications through their web-based interfaces, general "how do I...?" questions, optimization concerns, etc.
    virtuoso‑devel This is for matters where you need to address the Virtuoso development team with a potential problem. Discussion of confirmed or possible bugs are welcome.
    virtuoso‑distros This is for discussion amongst maintainers of the virtuoso-opensource packages in various OS, mostly Linux, distributions.

    You can subscribe, unsubscribe, and control various preferences through the Sourceforge Virtuoso mailing list page.

    To best serve all concerned, submissions from non-subscribers are moderated. Valid submissions from non-subscribers will result in simultaneous subscription and posting.