VOSNews2009 Virtuoso Open Source Edition News (2009)Virtuoso Open Source Edition News (2009) Later Years 2012 to present 2011 2010 2009 2009-10-20: Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v6.0.0 OpenLink Software is pleased to announce the official release of Virtuoso Open-Source Edition, Version 6.0.0: ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** The database format changed substantially between VOS 5.x and VOS 6.x. To upgrade your database, you must dump all your data from your VOS 5.0 database and re-load it into VOS 6.0.New product features include: Faceted Data Exploration Engine & Web Services (REST or SOAP) for high-performance disambiguated entity search & find, across entity type and property dimensions ANY ORDER Queries Anytime Queries (basic and complex business intelligence style analytics queries) Client-level resource accounting Expressions in "IN" predicate Inverse Functional Property Value enhanced Identity Key compression Transitive subqueries in SQL, SPARQL, and SPASQL (ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLEDB, XMLA) Enhanced Sponger Middleware Layer DBMS hosted Public Key Infrastructure for WebID Protocol based Federated Identity. 2009-10-19: Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v5.0.12 OpenLink Software is pleased to announce a new release of Virtuoso, Open-Source Edition, version 5.0.12 This version includes: Database engine Added Public Key Infrastructure UI in conductor Added failover/roundrobin support for all client layers Added support for vectors in IN predicate Added various small engine optimizations and enhancements Refactored JDBC driver Imported PCRE version 7.9 from upstream project Fixed XA support Fixed performance of sprintf_more when using large buffers Fixed memory leaks Fixed HTTP various issues with HEAD and POST Fixed serialization on HTTP connection cache Fixed allow client to run during online backup Fixed small bugs and compiler warnings SPARQL and RDF Added SPARQL graph-level security Added new RDFa parser Added support for Concise Bound Description Added optimization for bif:COUNT Added optimization for OPTIONAL Added support for SCORE_LIMIT in bif:contains Added support for text/n3 mime type Added support for NVARCHAR, BIGINT in SPARQL and RDFViews Added support for exclude-result-prefixes Added support to crawl with multiple threads Added support for NQUAD, JSON and N-Triples Added support for DSA certificates Added MS Docs, Open Office, Google app cartridges Added CNET, YELP, TESCO, ZILLOW cartridges Added GoodRelations, GeoNames, BestBuy cartridges Added Alchemy, Yahoo Boss, Picasa, haudio cartridges Added cache for common ontologies Improved support for rdf:XMLLiteral exp in RDF loaders Fixed handling of special characters in IRI Fixed RDF view generation Fixed and enhanced description.vsp Fixed and enhanced iSPARQL Fixed charset handling for cartridges ODS Applications Added checks for dynamic local Added expiration so sponger can track changes Added support for conversations Added 'GROUP BY' handling for listed messages Added 'Related' section in posts Added new API and Ubiquity commands Added hCard microformat Added Ontology based editing Added OpenSearch support Added support for Smart Folders Fixed OpenID, WebID Protocol Fixed wiki attachments "upstreaming" Fixed RDF gems Fixed UI profile Fixed mail filters Fixed atom-pub protocol Fixed rewrite rules Fixed tag URIs Fixed small bugs 2009-04-22: Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v6.0 Technology Preview 1 ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** The database format has substantially changed between VOS 5.x and VOS 6.x. To upgrade your database, you must dump all your data from your VOS 5.0 database and re-load it into VOS 6.0.Currently under very active development, this introduces a new branch for Virtuoso with: ANY ORDER Queries Anytime Queries Client-level resource accounting Expressions in "IN" predicate Facet Browsing Engine Inverse Functional Property Value enhanced Identity Key compression Transitive subqueries in both SQL and SPARQL 2009-04-22: Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v5.0.11 This version includes: Database engine Added x.509 Certificate Generation & Management functions Improvements to session-handling (strses) to avoid temp-files and improve threading support Added initial support for gzipped stream session Added support for HTTP, socks4 and socks5 proxying with authentication options Added support for URIQA methods in http_client() Added support for gunzip in http_client Various fixes for FT optimization, fractions in datetime, checkpoint-rollback and the compile/build process. SPARQL and RDF Added compiler extensions for SPARQL graph-level security Added initial implementation of RDF graph-level security metadata functions Added initial infrastructure for new SPARQL result serialization Added support for SSG_VALMODE_SHORT_OR_LONG Added support for define sparql-get:proxy for RDF mappers Enhanced N3 syntax support Added support for XML literals in RDF/XML, SPARQL XML resultset and JSON outputs Enhanced speed of TTL output Fixed SPARQL/SPARUL security VoID graph generation for describing Quad Store Sponger Cartridges Related Added U.S. Congress Web service Added Del.icio.us Tag Lookup Meta Cartridge Added GoodRelations and Barters for eCommerce Services Added NYT Articles Lookup Meta Cartridge Added OpenStreetMap Cartridge Added O'Reilly Books Catalog Lookup Meta Cartridge Added PowerPoint (PPTX) Cartridge Added SCOT based Tag Cloud Added Technocrati Lookup Meta Cartridge Misc. fixes Fixed GPF in rare case when using NOT FROM / NOT FROM NAMED Fixed handling of class instance array Fixed i18N issues with freetext search in RDF Fixed i18N serialization of RDF/XML box Fixed incorrect result when Accept is set to "text/rdf-n3" Fixed passing retvals of variables from OPTION(), like ?SCORE ?x, from deeply nested subselects ODS Applications Added WebID Protocol and WebID Protocol+OpenID Added Bibliographical ontology usage in ODS Graph Added Calendar API and upstream commands Added "One-Click" X.509 Certificate, Private Key generation plus Browser import, and write to FOAF profile Added Messaging Services Added Relationships Ontology terms to ODS-AddressBook for qualifying relationships in Social Network Added Biographical Ontology terms added to Profile Page UI Added Support for MS Live Contacts API Additional Ubiquity commands for relationship qualification in Social Network data spaces Added Support for Portable contacts API Fixed OpenID registration/auth in WebID Protocol+OpenID implementation 2009-02-15: Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v5.0.10 This version includes: Database engine Initial support for JDBC 4.x in the JDBC Driver Self-signed certificates and optional client-verification in HTTPS HTTP ACLs for rate-limiting A new `TOP(N, -1)' function for skipping N rows prior to resultset construction New INI-file options: LiteMode and DisableTcpSocket for thinner embeddable RDF or SQL RDBMS operation; RdfFreeTextRulesSize and IndexTreeMaps for better memory control Fixes for a deadlock handler bug and various 64-bit issues and compiler warnings Performance optimizations in the core database engine RDF Data Management & Data Access New Meta Cartridges for UMBEL, Calais, Zemanta, Hoovers and the New York Times New Sponger cartridges for AB Meta, Last.FM, Twitter, Meetup.com, LibraryThing, SalesForce.com, RadioPop, Rhapsody Added support for WebID Protocol New (X)HTML browser page for RDF Linked Data SPASQL ExtendedString and RdfBox types in .NET new CURIE-generation functions Amazon S3 DET and WebDAV mounting improved Turtle output presentation Various SPARQL and SPARUL updates and extensions and fixes Automated generating OWL from DB schema Fixed memory leaks ODS Application suite New OAuth support Support for WebID Protocol self-signed certificates written to in FOAF-based member profiles Support for Amazon S3 folders in ODS-Briefcase New contact fields in ODS-AddressBook Ubiquity commands for interacting with all Data Spaces programmatically Previous Years 2008 2007 2006 CategoryVirtuoso CategoryOpenSource CategoryWebSite