VOSNews2012 Virtuoso Open Source Edition News (2012)Virtuoso Open Source Edition News (2012) Later Years 2014 to present 2013 2012 News Announcements 2012-08-02 -- Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v6.1.6 New product features as of August 2, 2012, v6.1.6, include: Database engine Added support for SPARQL Service Description Added support for SOUNDEX and DIFFERENCE Added support for FROM SUBQUERY { ... } in quad map Added optimizations to JSON parser Added support for SSL Certificate Chains Added WebID protected endpoints templates Added error reporting if query compilation fails Added extra checks for db slices Added DSN names to explain() output Added support for CORS in Web Services Added propagation of LIMIT restrictions Added support for protocol switching, e.g., use of websockets Added generation of URL rewrite rules Fixed ETag calculation Fixed bad code for CLEAR GRAPH <xxxx> Fixed buffer overflow when using wide chars Fixed check to prevent out of range seek Fixed clear errors on ODBC connection handle Fixed compiler warnings Fixed datetime conversion Fixed external vars in table subqueries of scalar subqueries Fixed http_ses_arg is supposed to return ws_session Fixed issue with content type if already set by rewrite rule Fixed issue with transitive subqueries Fixed issue with "unknown BIF" message in SPARQL compiler error Fixed issue with Bison 2.6 code generation Fixed issue with SERVICE Fixed issue with UNIONs Fixed issue with incomplete RDF box Fixed memory leaks Fixed multi-column transitivity Fixed portability issues on FreeBSD, Solaris, and Mac OS X Fixed print of built-in expressions with multi-part alias name Fixed use provided password from ODBC connect handle Fixed valgrind warnings Updated documentation SPARQL and RDF Added auto-detection of RDFa and HTML+Microdata Added WebDAV REPORT method support for versioning Added WebDAV DET folder type Added Wolfram|Alpha cartridge Added debug code for sponger Added di: scheme Added extra debugging code to SPARQL engine Added new mime type application/n-triples Added procedure view for SPARQL BINDINGS Added rdb2rdf VAD for R2RML functionality Added support for INF, -INF, and NaN Added support for SPARQL 1.1 BINDINGS Added support for self-description Added support for hash-based proxy IRIs Added support for sponging of ftp URLs Added support for subqueries inside QUAP MAP { ... } groups Added support for tab-separated-values (TSV) output format in sparql Fixed LOAD SERVICE <SPARQL-Endpoint-URL> DATA for SPARQL-FED Fixed access rights and status for SPARUL_LOAD_SERVICE_DATA Fixed escaping of weird IRIs in RDF/XML output Fixed grants for SPARQL LOAD SERVICE lt;...> DATA Fixed issue joining two federated queries to the same host Fixed issue with double "AS" for lang in resultset Fixed issue with RDF View, bif:contains and option(?score) Fixed issue with SPARQL-FED code generation Fixed issue with graph level security check in SPARQL-FED subquery Fixed issue with transitive query Fixed issue with xsd:dateTime in SPARQL results Fixed issues loading microdata with namespace decls Fixed negation to use SPARQL 1.1 FILTER NOT EXISTS Fixed possible stack overflow on long UNIONs Fixed resource name encoding problem Fixed service SPARQL codegen with zero retvals Fixed support for SERVICE Improved error diagnostics for ALTER QUAD STORAGE <...> { DROP } Removed test for @rel, @rev, or @property from application/xhtml+xml Upgraded sesame driver to use Sesame 2.5.6 Merged DBpedia VAD fixes Added registry setting dbp_last_modification to get SP returning last modified date Added support for If-Modified-Since Added support for rel="nofollow" on external links Fixed XHTML+RDFa validation Fixed check if modified Fixed reset timezone Fixed use owl graph for properties Merged iSPARQL vad Added control for raw URIs in SPARQL result set view Added persistence in permalinks Added alternate links in <head /> Added support to remember RDF display/tab Added support to remember previous tab Upgraded MAP support for latest OpenLayers/OpenStreetmap Disabled dysfunctional NASA blue marble tiles ODS Applications Added initial API documentation + doxify templates Added advanced ACL settings for SPARQL or services authentication Added ACL filters Added support for mounting and WebID ACL protection of DropBox, Box.net/Box.com, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) folders Added support for private graphs Fixed redirect Merged ODS Addressbook fixes Added CalDAV Import Merged ODS Bookmark VAD Added Box (box.net, box.com) folder definition Added default values for cartridges Added support for WebDAV DET Added support for private graphs Fixed bad owner in some DET resources Fixed permission problem for some DETs Updated S3 DET folders with support for WebID ACLs Merged ODS Briefcase VAD Added ACL for IMAP DET folder Added mail notification for WebID sharing Fixed problem with editing mounted resources Fixed resource server side encryption problem Fixed sponger association with DETs feature Merged ODS Calendar VAD Added CalDAV and CardDAV DETs, and RESTful CRUD Fixed WebID write access Fixed daylight savings time on import to calendar Merged ODS Framework VAD Added Help links Added JSON output option for certgen Added link tags to user's pages Fixed 'Enable Automatic WebID Login' value Fixed private graphs init Fixed quotes on SPARQL vars Fixed remove session when ACL is altered Fixed REST interface page Fixed Semantic Pingback protocol Fixed void dset Updated CKeditor to version 3.6.3 2012-03-22 -- Source code migration from Soureforge CVS to Github Virtuoso Open-Source development has moved to hosting at GitHub. Developers who want to actively track progress of the Virtuoso source code and contribute bug fixes or enhancements to the project are cordially invited to join us there. To check out a local copy of Virtuoso, please see our Git usage instructions, branching/tagging strategy, and Git quickstart tips. 2012-03-16 -- Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v6.1.5 New product features as of March 15, 2012, v6.1.5, include: Database engine Added support for SPARQL 1.1 WITH, USING, NAMED Added support for SPARQL 1.1 Update Added support for SPARQL 1.1 Functions Added support for SPARQL Macro Library syntax Added support for SPARQL DESCRIBE modalities via pragma options "OBJCBD" -- object-slot-based concise bound description "SCBD" -- symmetrical concise bound description Changed default SPARQL DESCRIBE/CONSTRUCT result set from BLOB to 3-column table when using SPASQL (SPARQL inside SQL) via ODBC/JDBC/ADO.NET (_JAVA_ or _UDBC_ for exceptions) Added support for wide strings in all SPARQL serializers Added common infrastructure for RDF-specific XML parsers Added new RDF/XML serializer (faster + pretty printing) Added TRIG formatter Added support for R2RML for generating Linked Data Views over ODBC- or ODBC-Bridge-accessible data sources and/or native Virtuoso RDBMS data Added support for HTML+Microdata Added human-readable HTML output for DESCRIBE (list and table) to SPARQL endpoint Added support for SELECT <scalar_expression> subqueries without FROM clause to avoid extra lock on fake subqueries Added DBpedia VAD package Added support for scoping ACL to a virtual folder Added new Visual Studio 11 project files for both 32-bit and 64-bit builds Fixed RDF/XML parser that passes W3C tests dated 2003-Nov. Fixed JSON-LD syntax to match recent draft of the spec Fixed CONSTRUCT with constant string objects with language Fixed output of bnodes in RDF/XML format Fixed support for SPARQL LOAD <file:///....>, i.e., file: scheme URIs with absolute paths from system root Fixed issue with uninitialized variables Fixed use portable method for escaping symbol for gawk 3 and 4 Fixed issue with semaphores on Mac OS X 10.7 Fixed compiler warnings Fixed memory leaks Updated documentation SPARQL and RDF Added new cartridges for LinkedIn, AngelList, Klout, New York Times Article, Social Statistics, StackOverflow, etc. Added new ontologies for AngelList, X.509 Certificates, Crunchbase, DBpedia Spotlight, New York Times, LinkedIn, OpenLink Basic, OpenLink Web, etc. Added support for extracting all META and LINK head-element data from XHTML documents Added post-processing script for generating owl:sameAs links for co-reference resolution Added support for get:soft "add" pragma for progressive Linked Data graph construction via Sponger Added support for paging over large collections to Facebook cartridge Fixed Amazon cartridge now works with new Product Advertising API Fixed handling of # in About: header Fixed visually-qualifying opl:mentions property values with source-cartridge identifier Fixed social-profile-url property across social cartridges ODS Applications Added support for WebID 1.0 spec Added support for CalDAV and CardDAV protocols Added ACL editing for DETs Added folder selection for SyncML Added option to import RDF data from file Added rule for briefcase folder IRIs Added VCARD Property Grouping Added private graphs data Added option to deactivate user Previous Years 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 CategoryVirtuoso CategoryOpenSource CategoryWebSite