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    Getting Started with Virtuoso, Open Source Edition

    This is the nexus page for getting started with Virtuoso, and replaces the corresponding Installation and Evaluator's Guide sections of the commercial release manual.

    After you have downloaded and built your copy of Virtuoso Open Source Edition (VOS), this page contains instructions for getting underway.

    You may wish to:

    • Set up ODBC data sources to go to Virtuoso
    • Try your favorite web-development tools or applications with Virtuoso as the data store
    • Check out the SPARQL demo
    • Take a tour of the web admin interface. With the demo database online, point the browser to http://localhost:8890/conductor. The default user is dba with password dba (it is recommended that you change these now, if you didn't during installation); the rest is self-explanatory.
    • Take a tour of the online programming tutorials. With the demo database online, point the browser to http://localhost:8890/tutorial.
    • Consult documentation. With the demo database online, point the browser to http://localhost:8890/doc/html. We also keep the full manual online, as well as a wide range of evolving supplementary information.
    • Run the sample client applications. There is a TPCC test driver with documentation that can serve as a tutorial on how to write stored procedures and configure the server for scale. There are scripts for automating all this:
      • Go to binsrc/tests, and excute --

        make tpc M2 cd tpcrun

      • When inside binsrc/tests/tpcrun, you can run --
        command Sort in descending order effect
        ./tpc_run.sh clean Set the initial state.
        ./tpc_run.sh init Load the default test database.
        ./tpc_run.sh run Run a sample with 16 clients and get automatic consistency checks at the end.
    • See how things work from a programmer's perspective. Examples of everything can be found in the source tree, in binsrc/tests/suite/.
    • Check out the EC2 AMI Installation Guide.
    • Try the RDF Insert Methods in Virtuoso.

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