VirtADOClientInstall Installation and Removal of the Single-Tier ADO.NET Provider for Virtuoso, on Windows Installation and Removal of the Single-Tier ADO.NET Provider for Virtuoso, on Windows Installation The ADO.NET Provider for Virtuoso is provided as part of the Virtuoso Client Connectivity Kit installer. If the target Virtuoso Server installation is already or will be installed on a TCP/IP-accessible host, this is the only component that needs to be installed on the client host. Download and run the Virtuoso Client Connectivity Kit installer appropriate to your data consuming application from the Virtuoso Download page. Note: the 32-bit components may be installed on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, and will be necessary for use with any 32-bit data consuming components. 64-bit components can only be installed in a 64-bit Windows environment. Click the Run button to allow the signed Virtuoso Client Connectivity kit installer to start.
If you have installed any version of the ADO.NET Provider at some point in the past, this message may be displayed:
Follow the Removal process to remove the existing components, and then continue with the new installation.
Click the Next button to begin the installation process.
Tick the I agree with license agreement checkbox and click the Next button.
To manually select the components for installation, or to specify the installation directory, choose the Custom option. Otherwise, choose the Typical or Complete option and skip to step 8.
If you chose the "Custom" option, select the target installation directory or accept the default. Click the Next button to continue.
Again if you chose the "Custom" option, select the client drivers and providers you want to be installed (ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, ADO.NET, etc.) and choose Next to continue. Note: the Provider for .NET 3.5 is required for Entity Frameworks and other ADO.NET v3.x support; the Provider for .NET 2.0 is provided primarily for support of legacy client applications and environments.
The installer is now ready to begin the installation. Click the Install button to commence the process.
The installer will announce successful completion, or provide error messages for diagnosis and resolution.
Verify ADO.NET Provider installation, if desired, by checking that the Providers chosen for installation — virtado3 and/or virtado2, for Provider for .NET 3.5 and Provider for .NET 2.0, respectively — are listed in the %WINDOWS%\assembly folder.
The installation of the ADO.Net Provider Client is complete.
Removal The Provider can be uninstalled through the Control Panel -> Programs and Features menu, or the Add/Remove Programs control panel, by selecting the Virtuoso Client Connectivity kit from the list of installed components and clicking the uninstall option presented.
Click Yes to uninstall the Virtuoso Client Connectivity Kit.