FOAF+SSL ACLs Tutorial

Sample scenario

The following sample scenario demonstrates setting FOAF+SSL ACLs using the Virtuoso Authentication Server UI:

  1. Download and install the ods_framework_dav.vad, conductor_dav.vad, and policy_manager_dav.vad packages.
  2. Register an ODS user, e.g., demo.
  3. Go to http://<cname>:<port>/policy_manager/, where <cname>:<port> are replaced by your local server values.
  4. Click the "FOAF+ACLs" link
  5. Log in as user "dba" or another user with DBA privileges.
  6. In the form:
    1. Enter the Web ID for the ODS user you registered above, e.g.,

      Note: You can also click the "Browse" button and select the desired user from a list. Its Web ID will be automatically inserted into the form.
    2. Select the "SPARQL Role" you wish to authorize, e.g., "Sponge".

  7. Click the "Register" button.
  8. The FOAF+SSL ACLs will be created:

  9. Go to the SPARQL+SSL endpoint, https://<cname>:<port>/sparql-ssl, where <cname>:<port> are replaced by your local server values.
  10. Select the user's certificate:

  11. The SPARQL Query UI will be shown:


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