VirtCartConfigCrunchbaseCrunchbase Cartridge - Configuration GuidelinesCrunchbase Cartridge - Configuration Guidelines Contents Crunchbase is a free database of technology companies, people, and investors. The Sponger extractor cartridge for Crunchbase exposes Crunchbase entries as Linked Data. A corresponding meta-cartridge identifies company and people names in Linked Data and performs lookups against Crunchbase to further enrich this data with Crunchbase information. The Crunchbase extractor and meta cartridges both require a Crunchbase API key. The same API key can be used for both cartridges. Obtaining an API Key To obtain an API key: Go to the Crunchbase Developer Portal and register for a user account. After registering as a user, apply for an API key. In the "Crunchbase Application Registration" form: You can use any application name acceptable to Crunchbase, e.g. "Virtuoso Sponger". Under the section "Select which Web APIs this application will use", ensure the "Issue a new key for Crunchbase API" checkbox is checked. After clicking the "Register your application" button, your new Crunchbase API key will be displayed. Configuring the Crunchbase extractor and meta cartridges In the Conductor UI, click on the "Linked Data" tab, then the "Sponger" tab. Under the "Extractor Cartridges" tab, select "Crunchbase" from the list of cartridges. In the cartridge configuration form at the bottom of the page, enter your Crunchbase API key in the "API Key" field, then confirm the update. The Crunchbase meta cartridge is configured in a similar way to the extractor cartridge. Select the "Meta Cartridges" tab, select "Crunchbase" in the list of meta cartridges, then enter the Crunchbase API key in the "API Key" field.