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    Drupal RDF Views

    Each Drupal installation includes a demonstration database that includes a management system schema and instance data. This sample database provides an easy route for introducing Drupal users and developers to the virtues of RDF based Linked Data Views built atop existing Drupal relational databases. In the sections that follow, we include links for the following:

    1. Linked Data View Creation Script
    2. Live Examples of Linked Data Views built using the script above.
    Resource Execution
    Live links to a sample RDF Views View demo links here
    Script to set up your own instance View the script here.


    RDF View Type Relational DatabaseSort in ascending order
    Drupal SIOC Reference
    Drupal Installation Guide
    Drupal to RDF
    Wordpress to RDF
    MediaWiki to RDF
    Bugzilla to RDF
    Virtuoso's Northwind based Demo Database (Tutorials variant) to RDF
    SQL Server's Northwind Demo Database
    Oracle using the demonstration 'Human Resources' database
    DB2 using the demonstration 'Sample' database
    Informix using demonstration 'Stores' database
    Ingres using demonstration 'Tutorial' database
    Sybase using demonstration 'pubs2' database
    Progress (SQL-89) using demonstration 'iSports' database
    Progress (SQL-92) using demonstration 'iSports' database
    BSBM to RDF
    ODS RDF Views
    eCRM Views
    Business Intelligence
    TPCH to RDF
    TPCD to RDF
    Musicbrainz to RDF
    Web 2.0 Platforms
    phpBB3 to RDF
    Semi-Structured Content Examples
    Virtuoso Product Documentation (DocBook) to RDF
    Virtuoso Online Tutorials to RDF
    Enterprise Data Access & Integration
    ODS Applications RDF Views
    Thalia to RDF