VirtRDFViewODSBriefcaseRDF View for ODS Briefcase IMPORTANT! The following code is part of the ODS global VIEW regarding the Briefcase part, it is not a separate VIEW and is strongly recommended NOT to be executed directly. Instead, you should use the code from ODS RDF Views Deployment and Demo Scripts.sparql prefix ods: <> # Briefcase create iri class ods:odrive_forum "http://^{URIQADefaultHost}^/dataspace/%U/briefcase/%U" (in uname varchar not null, in inst_name varchar not null) option (returns "http://^{URIQADefaultHost}^/dataspace/%U/briefcase/%U" ) . create iri class ods:odrive_post "http://^{URIQADefaultHost}^%s" (in path varchar not null) option (returns "http://^{URIQADefaultHost}^/DAV/%s") . create iri class ods:odrive_post_text "http://^{URIQADefaultHost}^%s/text" (in path varchar not null) option (returns "http://^{URIQADefaultHost}^/DAV/%s/text") . sparql prefix sioc: <> prefix sioct: <> prefix atom: <> prefix rdfs: <> prefix foaf: <> prefix dc: <> prefix dct: <> prefix skos: <> prefix geo: <> prefix bm: <> prefix exif: <> prefix ann: <> prefix wikiont: <> prefix calendar: <> prefix ods: <> alter quad storage virtrdf:DefaultQuadStorage from DB.DBA.ODS_ODRIVE_POSTS as odrv_posts where (^{odrv_posts.}^.U_MEMBER = ^{users.}^.U_NAME) from DB.DBA.ODS_ODRIVE_TAGS as odrv_tags where (^{odrv_tags.}^.U_OWNER = ^{users.}^.U_NAME) { create virtrdf:ODS_DS as graph ods:graph (users.U_NAME) option (exclusive) { #---- # Briefcase ods:odrive_post (odrv_posts.RES_FULL_PATH) a foaf:Document ; dc:title odrv_posts.RES_NAME ; dct:created odrv_posts.RES_CREATED ; dct:modified odrv_posts.RES_MODIFIED ; sioc:content odrv_posts.RES_DESCRIPTION ; sioc:has_creator ods:user (odrv_posts.U_OWNER) ; foaf:maker ods:person (odrv_posts.U_OWNER) ; sioc:has_container ods:odrive_forum (odrv_posts.U_MEMBER, odrv_posts.WAI_NAME) . ods:odrive_forum (odrv_posts.U_MEMBER, odrv_posts.WAI_NAME) sioc:container_of ods:odrive_post (odrv_posts.RES_FULL_PATH) . ods:user (odrv_posts.U_OWNER) sioc:creator_of ods:odrive_post (odrv_posts.RES_FULL_PATH) . ods:odrive_post (odrv_tags.RES_FULL_PATH) sioc:topic ods:tag (odrv_tags.U_OWNER, odrv_tags.TAG) . ods:tag (odrv_tags.U_OWNER, odrv_tags.TAG) a skos:Concept ; skos:prefLabel odrv_tags.TAG ; skos:isSubjectOf ods:odrive_post (odrv_tags.RES_FULL_PATH) . # end Briefcase #--- } . } . ; CategoryVirtuoso CategoryRDF CategoryBriefcase