VirtSesameProvider Virtuoso Sesame RDF Data Provider (Obsolete) see VirtSesame2Provider for current work The Virtuoso Sesame RDF Data Provider enables Semantic Web applications written using the Sesame RDF Frameworks to query the Virtuoso RDF Quad store directly. The Provider has been tested against the Sesame 1.2.7 version currently available. Required Files The Virtuoso Sesame Provider is packaged as a JAR file which is attached: virt_sesame.jar The required Sesame and associated classes are also attached: The sample program are attached: Compiling Sesame Sample Programs The sample Sesame applications can be compiled as follows: Edit the sample programs, where X = 1 to 2 and set the JDBC connection strings within to point to a valid Virtuoso Server instance of the form: "jdbc:virtuoso://localhost:1111", "dba", "dba" Compile the Sesame Sample applications using the following command: javac -Xlint -classpath "xercesImpl.jar:lib/log4j-1.2.12.jar:commons-logging-1.1.jar:concurrent.jar:icu4j_3_4.jar:junit.jar:json.jar:openrdf-model.jar:iri.jar:sesame.jar:rio.jar:openrdf-util.jar:virt_sesame.jar" Note: You need to ensure all required JAR files are locatable with an appropriate CLASSPATH setting. Testing Once the Provider classes and sample program have been successfully compiled as indicated in the previous section, the Provider can then be tested using the two sample providers included Run the VirtuosoExample1 as follows: java -classpath "xercesImpl.jar:log4j-1.2.12.jar:commons-logging-1.1.jar:concurrent.jar:icu4j_3_4.jar:junit.jar:json.jar:openrdf-model.jar:iri.jar:sesame.jar:rio.jar:openrdf-util.jar:virt_sesame.jar:." VirtuosoExample1 This sample program returns a count for triples from the URI '" Run the VirtuosoExample2 as follows: java -classpath "xercesImpl.jar:log4j-1.2.12.jar:commons-logging-1.1.jar:concurrent.jar:icu4j_3_4.jar:junit.jar:json.jar:openrdf-model.jar:iri.jar:sesame.jar:rio.jar:openrdf-util.jar:virt_sesame.jar:." VirtuosoExample2 This sample program reads and returns a count of the records in the included "data.nt" file. CategoryRDF CategoryOpenSource CategoryVirtuoso CategoryVOS CategorySesame CategoryDocumentation CategoryObsolete