Pivot Collections (Part 8)


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: SparqlCxml

Part 3: SparqlCxml Deep Zoom Collections

Part 4: HtmlPivotViewer

Part 5: Importing CXML

Part 6: Facet Pivot Bridge

Part 7: DETs : Persisting SPARQL Query Results to DAV

Part 8: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Part 9: Glossary

Frequently Asked Questions

SparqlCxml FAQs

Which Virtuoso releases support SparqlCxml and HtmlPivotViewer?

Are third-party (non-Virtuoso) SPARQL endpoints supported?

Which SPARQL query types does SparqlCxml support?

Are there limits on the size of a collection? How are large result sets handled?

Do I need to install ImageMagick?

Why are my collections sometimes slow to load?

How can I reduce the collection load time?

HtmlPivotViewer FAQs

Which browsers and platforms support HtmlPivotViewer?

Can I create social bookmarks to HtmlPivotViewer collections?

How do I decouple presentation from representation?

My collection has loaded but why are my images blank?

HtmlPivotViewer has loaded but why is it empty?

How can I fix a HtmlPivotViewer collection parsing error?

How can I fix a HtmlPivotViewer collection downloading error?

How can I fix a HtmlPivotViewer DeepZoom cache downloading error?

* On opening the collection you get a message box with the title HTML5 PivotViewer and the message Error loading from DeepZoom cache. This error can occur if the server hosting the collection has not allowed access to the DeepZoom cache using Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) or the permissions on the DeepZoom collection do not allow read access. Cross Origin Resource Sharing must be enabled on the server using the Virtuoso Conductor. See the Virtuoso Tips and Tricks Guide.