VirtTipsAndTricksGuideRDFPerformanceTuning How can I configure Virtuoso for maximum performance with available memory? How can I configure Virtuoso for maximum performance with available memory? Virtuoso INI file settings When running with large data sets, the Virtuoso process should be configured to use between 2/3 and 3/5 of system RAM. See Virtuoso configuration file parameters NumberOfBuffers and MaxDirtyBuffers for details. Each buffer consumes 8 KB. Typical sizes for the NumberOfBuffers and MaxDirtyBuffers (3/4 of NumberOfBuffers) parameters at various memory sizes are as follows, : <tgroup><thead /><tbody> <row /> <row><entry> default installation </entry><entry> 2000 </entry><entry> 1200 </entry></row> <row><entry> 2 GB </entry><entry> 170000 </entry><entry> 130000 </entry></row> <row><entry> 4 GB </entry><entry> 340000 </entry><entry> 250000 </entry></row> <row><entry> 8 GB </entry><entry> 680000 </entry><entry> 500000 </entry></row> <row><entry> 16 GB </entry><entry> 1360000 </entry><entry> 1000000 </entry></row> <row><entry> 32 GB </entry><entry> 2720000 </entry><entry> 2000000 </entry></row> <row><entry> 48 GB </entry><entry> 4000000 </entry><entry> 3000000 </entry></row> <row><entry> 64 GB </entry><entry> 5450000 </entry><entry> 4000000 </entry></row> </tbody></tgroup></table> <para> </para> <bridgehead class=""> "swappiness"</bridgehead> <emphasis>For Linux users only,</emphasis> there is a kernel tuning parameter called "<ulink url="">swappiness</ulink>" that controls how much the kernel favors swap over RAM.<para>When hosting large data sets, it is recommended that this parameter be changed from its default value of 60 to something closer to 10, to reduce the amount of swapping that takes place on the server. Useful tidbits regarding swappiness include:</para> <itemizedlist mark="bullet" spacing="compact"><listitem>The swappiness setting is found in the file <emphasis>/proc/sys/vm/swappiness</emphasis>. </listitem> <listitem>The command <emphasis>/sbin/sysctl vm.swappiness</emphasis> can be used to view its setting. </listitem> <listitem>The command <emphasis>/sbin/sysctl -w vm.swappiness=10</emphasis> can be used to change its value. </listitem> <listitem>Adding <emphasis>vm.swappiness = 10</emphasis> to the file <emphasis>/etc/sysctl.conf</emphasis> will force the value to be set at machine boot time.</listitem> </itemizedlist><bridgehead class="">Related</bridgehead> <para> </para> <itemizedlist mark="bullet" spacing="compact"><listitem><ulink url="VirtTipsAndTricksGuide">Virtuoso Tips and Tricks Collection</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="">Documentation of Linux swappiness kernel tuning parameter</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="">Tuning Virtuoso for RDF Performance</ulink> </listitem> <listitem><ulink url="">Virtuoso INI file settings</ulink> </listitem> </itemizedlist></section></docbook>