VirtTipsAndTricksGuideRenameGraphHow to rename a RDF Graph in the Virtuoso Quad Store Rename RDF Graph A RDF Graph in the Virtuoso Quad Store can be renamed without copying each assertion from the old graph to the new graph using a SQL statement, this being what the Conductor "rename" option does, which is:UPDATE DB.DBA.RDF_QUAD TABLE OPTION (index RDF_QUAD_GS) SET g = iri_to_id ('new') WHERE g = iri_to_id ('old', 0); Note: this operation must be run in row-autocommit mode i.e. log_enable (3), and then restore back to the default logging mode of 1. Rename RDF Graph Group For Virtuoso Graph Groups two tables need to be updated: UPDATE DB.DBA.RDF_GRAPH_GROUP_MEMBER SET RGGM_GROUP_IID = iri_to_id ('new') WHERE RGGM_GROUP_IID = iri_to_id (old) and UPDATE DB.DBA.RDF_GRAPH_GROUP SET RGG_IID = iri_to_id ('new') , RGG_IRI = 'new' WHERE RGG_IRI = 'old' Related Virtuoso Tips and Tricks Collection RDF Performance Tuning