VirtTipsAndTricksMailVerificationService Using the Virtuoso Mail Verification Service Using the Virtuoso Mail Verification Service The Virtuoso Mail Verification Service verifies Email Addresses (also known as mailto:-scheme URIs) against WebIDs (which may use various URI schemes). Why is it Important? Email Addresses are one of the most universally used, and intuitively understood, personal identifiers in use across both the World Wide Web and the Internet. Making these Addresses verifiable fills a critical gap in the puzzle of Internet- and Web-scale verifiable identity. How Do I Use It? Perform the following steps: Obtain an X.509 certificate with a WebID watermark . Verify your WebID-watermarked X.509 certificate . Install the ods_framework_dav.vad package which includes this functionality. Go to default endpoint for the service, http://<cname>/mv Enter your Email Address Check your inbox for a email message of the form: Please click on the link below to confirm your email. https://<cname>/mv/mc.vsp?confirm={hash} Example: Click on the Link in your mail and then identity yourself using WebID, if your identity is verified the process is complete View the descriptor document generated from this verification process via the URL pattern: http://<cname>/mv/data/{hash} Example: Service Endpoint Virtuoso Mail Verification Service endpoint is available at <http://cname/mv/>> . REST Interaction Patterns The service supports mbox parameter, which takes the Email Address to be verified as its value: URL pattern: http://<cname>/mv/mv.vsp?mbox={Email Address} Example: Usage Scenario 1 In this case, we look at the simple Email Address verification via an HTML page associated with the service. Prerequisites Make sure the ods_framework_dav.vad package is installed. Steps Go to :
Enter your mail address:
Click "Verify". The following message should be shown: A confirmation mail was sent, please check your mail box.
Open your mail client associated with your mail box. A new message should arrive, respectively with: Subject Mail verification service Content Please click on the link below to confirm your email.
Click on the link. You should be redirected to the Virtuoso Mail Verification Service, and be presented with a message that the email address has been confirmed:
View the descriptor document that results of this service by clicking the presented link:
Usage Scenario 2 This example demonstrates integration with the Virtuoso X.509 Certificate Generator whereby the Mail Verification service ensures that only verified Email Addresses are added to the claims in a WebID watermarked X.509 Certificate: Go to the Virtuoso X.509 certificate WebID-watermark Generator
In the presented form enter: "E-mail": e.g., "WebID (manual selection):
Click "Lookup". Should be presented new "Mail verification URI" to be used, for example:
Click the "Check" button Should be redirected to the Virtuoso Mail Verification Service with message for successfully sent message for confirmation:
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