VirtTipsAndTricksSPARQL11FeaturesExamplesCollection Virtuoso Examples Collection for SPARQL 1.1 Features Virtuoso Examples Collection for SPARQL 1.1 Features This is a collection of SPARQL 1.1 queries which may be run against any SPARQL endpoint that supports SPARQL 1.1 and can allow a verified user to perform INSERT operations. Built-In Functions BIND VALUES Sub-queries NOT EXISTS and MINUS Assignments Property Paths SPARQL Named Graphs with SPARQL 1.1 Property Paths and Reasoning SPARQL 1.1 Update -- Graph Update: INSERT DATA DELETE DATA INSERT/DELETE DATA LOAD CLEAR INSERT & CONSTRUCT SPARQL 1.1 Update -- Graph Management: CREATE DROP COPY MOVE ADD Related Virtuoso Tips and Tricks Rename RDF Graph Example SPARQL/SPARUL/SPARQL-BI Operations Guide for Executing Queries Combined in Single or Multiple Statements Virtuoso Tutorials Tutorial Demonstrating Reasoning via SPARQL Virtuoso SPARQL 1.1 Syntax Tutorial Virtuoso Documentation W3C documentation SPARQL 1.1. Property Paths SPARQL inline data via use of VALUES clause SPARQL 1.1 Subqueries SPARQL 1.1 Specification SPARQL Protocol (HTTP based Query Service)