Is it possible to have the SPARQL endpoint on a different port than the Conductor?

Virtuoso Web Server has the capability to create extra listeners using the Conductor interface.

  1. At install time you have your HTTP Server port in your virtuoso.ini set to 8890, which you want to keep in your local network as this contains ALL the endpoints that you have registered in Virtuoso. So as long as you do not open this port in your firewall, you can only get at it from the local machine.
  2. Next you should create a new vhost entry using the EXTERNAL name of your machine and use port 80 (or a higher port if you do not want to run as root) for ex.:

    Interface: Port: 8080 Http Host:

  3. Next you add a "New directory to this line", click on "Type" radio button and choose "Sparql access point" from the drop-down list and press Next button. Set "Path" to /sparql and press the "Save Changes" button to store.
  4. At this point you have created: which functions exactly the same as your internal http://localhost:8890/sparql. You can now open your firewall and allow outside machines to connect to port 8080 so people can use your SPARQL endpoint without access to any other endpoint on your Virtuoso installation.
  5. You should probably also change your virtuoso.ini so:

    [URIQA] DefaultHost =

  6. If you use port 80, you do not have to add :80 at the end of this setting, although it should not make any difference.
  7. You can now add other directories / endpoints to the new interface you just created e.g. a nice / directory that points to a index.html which describes your site etc.